Monday, May 6, 2013

Are people trying to tear you down? If so, what should you do?

What is holding you back from taking the step towards peace in your life?  What is holding you back from the joy?  What is keeping you from having a better relationship with you spouse, children, a family member or friends?  Why are you afraid to take the leap of faith to do what God is moving in your heart to do?

For me it's my own insecurities.  I still struggle to this day with what someone might think of me.  Are they whispering thoughts like, "She is controlling."  If they knew my heart they would know I'm really not.  I just have so much passion and capable of getting the job done.  Do these same people think I think I'm perfect?  I hope not, because I'm not.  I'm a mess and it's only because of God I'm the person I am today.  I work on myself everyday, it hasn't been easy.  Do they think I'm better than everyone else?  Are you kidding me?  I struggle all the time and ask God why did he choose me? 

I don't know about you but one of my greatest struggle is the negative thoughts about myself  in my own head.  My other struggle has been people and not allowing them to tear me down.  Even when they try, love them despite of what they do.   

If you are like me, what can we do?  First, we have to love God more than the approval from  people.  I pray all the time asking God to help me love and focus on him  and not fall in the temptation of wanting the approval from others.It's funny when I think about it.  Why do we care what others think or say about us?  Most of those people who are thinking or saying negative comments about you and me are miserable or full of jealously.  I never want to live a life like that. 

People, know matter what you do, will always have something to say and we have to decide if we are going to let them and their insecurities  hold us back to the many blessings and purposes God wants for our life.  Ask yourself, why do you struggle with wanting the approval from others.  This was a huge break through for me.  Thankfully, I'm fully aware of it but it still can  sneak in my life.  When it does,  God teaches me a huge lesson and gets me back on track.  I suggest trying to learn the lessons through other people. If you don't, He will teach you and it's not easy!  I've cried many nights but God brought me through it and was so much better because of the pain I experienced.

Second, begin writing down those negative thoughts.  Again, you are aware of them and the enemy can't use them against you.  Get honest and real with yourself and replace it with words that give you life. 

Third, fill your mind with the word of God.  When those thought come because they will, you can attack it with the only word that has the power to do so.  We have to know it deep in our souls who God says we are and how he sees each one of us!!

Living the life God wants us to live, is worth it but the journey will not be easy.  He wants to refine each one of us,so we can be prepared for what is coming our way.  There will be heartaches and there will be blessings.  If you stay on course through it all, you will live a life fully alive and a deeper relationship with God himself.  For me, that is all I want in life.  More of him and less of me...

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Margie said...

Love this!!

I used to do this... And God has done some great things in my heart lately, step by step! It's amazing!

It also reminds me of how Peter was named Simon by his parents, which means pebble, but Jesus named him Peter, which means rock, and how we should look at what God has created in us, not what we think for our children (I've actually been meaning to blog about this for awhile, so I think you've inspired me!!)

In my own life, I'm a crazy doer and love to actually get in and get my hands dirty, and often I'll choose "task" over relationship because its less likely ill get hurt, But God has given me some clear direction about where I am supposed to be and what I'm supposed to do. If I serve unto The Lord, I've learned it doesn't matter what people think, which has changed so much of my thoughts and heart because for so long I "did" because I felt like I needed to earn people's respect. what dumb thoughts I had! so thankful God changed my heart and I can have true joy in serving.

Our value is found in Christ and just this weekend I repeated a bad behavior and said something so stupid, and God said to me "remember you live free now, you're free" and so I apologized to Him, and someone else, and repented, knowing that I am free, and thankful!!!

Thanks for sharing, I am going to link your blog on mine :)

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