Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can you look in the mirror win or lose and know you gave your personal best?

Can you Look in the Mirror Win or Lose and Know You Gave Your Personal Best?

As I read this question, I could sit and lie to myself and others and say yes, but if I get real and step out of denial the answer is no. 

Learning and growing can be like an onion at times.  It can stink, make you cry and as one layer is peeled away and new one is waiting next in line.  There will always be lessons to learn about life and ourselves, if you decide to stay in the game of life.  Sometimes, we can get comfortable; at least for me this is true.  We know what we want to do with our life but somehow we get distracted.   We start adding more to our schedule or doing many good things but forgetting to focus on the few that make us come alive.  We have only a limited amount of hours in a day.  However, God designed our day giving us exactly what we need.  When people say there isn’t enough time in the day really means we are not being wise or purposeful with what has been given keeping away from what we really should be doing.

Why does this happen?  I think we are afraid. If we stay busy with a ton of other things than we don’t have to face our true calling because if we did than we would have to do something about it.  Instead we make excuses or blame other people.  Also, there is the fear not of failure but of success. 

In order for me to answer yes to the question above, I need to say no to the things I like so I can do what I love.  Even though I knew this before and thought I learned the lesson, I began to clutter my life with things I’m passionate about and like but running away from the purpose that drives me. I began pleasing people instead of God.  Sure, it might of looked great from the outside but inward I was rotting away.   I found myself losing my joy.  I’ve had to take some things off my plate for this season in my life so I can focus on what I’m called to do which are being a wife, mother and a writer.   It what gives me the fuel to wake up early and stay up late.  There isn’t anything else I would want to do than to breathe life into my family and encourage others through the written and spoken word, even if some people think I suck at it!  It’s ok! I can look in the mirror and say, “I have given it my personal best and because of this I know I’m a winner in my heart and in the eyes of God.”

Is there something you need to let go of in order to live and give your personal best?  If so, what are you waiting for?  Face those fears because the world is waiting on you! 



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