Friday, May 10, 2013

Do you have to give up on your dreams after giving birth to you children?

If you are wife and mother, do you have to give up your dreams  after giving birth to your children?  Do those ideas you once had  need to be thrown in the trash? Can you still live a life of Awesome and be a stay at home mom?  The answer is Yes!
My husband and I are reading a book given to us by my mom.  It’s called “Start. Punch Fear In the Face, Escape Average, Do Work that Matters” by Jon Acuff.   Great book and exactly what I need to be reading at this moment in my life. 

Acuff, reminds me how easy it is to get busy with everyday life.  We have families, some work a full time job or stay at home with the kids, which is more than a full time job! If we are honest, add so many extra things on to our plate that we end up putting what we really want to do in life on the back burner and begin living a life of average.  We make excuses and pretty much blame everyone else why we are not living a life of Awesome.
First, the question needs to be asked, “What is Awesome to you?”. Also, ask yourself this question.   If you were suddenly put in the middle of some horrific storm and your life was flashing before you, what would be your three regrets in life or if you could do it over again, what would be the three things you would spend most of your time with and be honest or put it another way, “ If you would die this moment what would you regret never doing?”

My answers are:

1.      God

2.      Mark and the Kids

3.      Writing and speaking

 To be honest, in my life at this moment, number one and two I feel I’m doing a pretty good job at being awesome in this area. However, there is always room for improvement!  God really shook me up a few years ago and had me get my priorities in line.  But number three, I would be like a roller coaster.  Some days I would be going at it full speed and other days I would come crashing down because of fear or rejection.  I would feel like quiting.  Thankfully, God never gives up on me.
What can we do right now to live a life a life of Awesome?
1.       Be realistic with your time and responsibilities.  I’m a wife and mom first and this is a huge blessing and what I love doing most.  Sometimes, as much as we love them, we srew this up.  We need to need to get our time  with them right first. Even though I have other passions besides being a wife and mom,   It would be irresponsible on my part and completely selfish if I abandon my family to do something that I wanted to do.  I would be going against God and his word if I did this. This would be the biggest rerget in my life.  I want to live a life of Awesome not regret.

2.      Baby Steps.  I use to think it had to be all or nothing.  That is a big lie.  I also that I was to old and  missed the boat.  Again all lies.  Do what you can with what you have right at this moment.

3.      Be selfish.  You are going to think well that just contradicts what you said in one.  Give me a minute.  In the book Start, Jon says if you completely walk away from your family, role as wife, husband, mom or dad and any financial responsibilities  you are an idiot.  He didn’t say  idiot I did!  It would be completely selfish or if you are working on your “dream” and it is taking time away from your family again this is selfish.  What can we do?  Look at your schedule and decide when can you be selfish with your time to work towards your goals without it taking away time from the ones you love the most.  I want to be completely present with them physically and mentally. I have been getting up at the crack of dawn to spend time with God.  I then write for 30 minutes each day.  I can do this and it doesn’t take away from anyone else.  The rest of my day can be focused on them.  I don’t have any regret and eventually I will have my book.  If I can’t sacrifice and get up early than it really isn’t a dream at all and I should just give it up!

4.      Give grace.  There are days I don’t get up as early because my two year old was up half the night or I didn’t go to bed early because Mark and I were up late together or because I was just stinking tired! This is ok! Don’t be legalistic about it just get back on track tomorrow. 

5.       It’s ok to Say No.   Remember our time is precious.  Make sure what we are doing is pleasing to God not people.  If you are staying busy and adding more to your schedule to make others happy, you will never live a life of awesome. 

It is possible for moms to live a life of awesome.  Yes, we are wives and moms first but if we follow God and keep our priorities in line we can also give birth to those dreams that are deep down inside our heart without  sacrificing what we love most and for me it’s is God and my family

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