Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do you have a friend you can call not just for an emergency but somone to cheer you on?

Yesterday was a typical day nothing out of the ordinary until I received a text  from a friend of mine. It said,"If you are available please call me." 

I knew it must be important.  I was in the middle of cleaning a broken glass my daughter accidentally dropped on the floor.  As soon as I had it all swept up, I picked up my phone to see what was going on.

I love conversations that goes something like this, " I know you are going to think I crazy when I ask you and you can say no but I know you are just as crazy as me so will you go somewhere with me." 

I didn't know all the details but of course said, "pick me up."  I'm always ready for adventure especially when it involves Jesus!  All I have to say is thank God for giving us both such amazing and patient  husbands who can deal with us!! We laugh and say we are homeschool moms by day and super heroes by night!
Everyone needs a friend they can call in a pinch and know without a doubt they will be there for support.  Also, everyone needs a few friends they can share life with and not just our struggles but all the good that God is doing in our lives as well.   On our drive to our destination, we talked about all the injustice in the world, some of our own struggles and lessons we are learning.  Who would of thought by the time we made it home, we had the plans on how to change the world!!!

Here is the beauty with healthy friendships we also chatted about all the good and success in our lives.  There is no jealously or trying to compete with each other just pure love for each other and our families.

We need people in our lives that will allow us to "Brag" about the good and all our accomplishments.  We live in such a negative world where people want to  tear  eachother down and hear the mess in peoples lives instead and  of the good.  Not only do we live in such a corrupt world we deal with our own insecurities and negative thoughts.  We need friendships who will cheer us on.  We need friends who will allow us to  share our deepest dreams and passions and as they begin to come to pass those same friends will be right there cheering you on and allowing you to express all your excitement as well. 

My prayer is that more woman become and create these types of friendships.  Someone to see and celebrate all the beauty in your life. Someone you can call not only for emergency but someone you can say, "I rocked today!" 

 If you don't,have someone like this in your life,  please feel free to make me that friend!  We may not know each other in an intimate way, but you can post all the success in your life and I will praise God for you and all his glory...

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