Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What is the secret to having self-motivated chidren?

For the most part, my kids are self-motivated and can get up and get started on their schoolwork without me telling them to do so.  They have also learned to take this discipline and apply it to their housework as well.  I NEVER thought I would see the day when my son would want to do school.  Then there is my third daughter, who's mind ticks differently than the rest!  We figured out how she learns, and now she is all about reading and math!

What's the secret?  There is no secret.  It takes time, patience, grace, Godly wisdom, and knowing how to build healthy relationships with your children.  You have to find out who they are, what they like, dislike, and what motivates them.  These are key parts to teaching your children.  This applies to all families, by the way, not just kids that are home-educated. 

My kids still have their moments-- they are not perfect! However, when they do have those moments, they just need a little nudge, some inspiration, a kick in the butt, or just a break to get outside!  And don't we all!  I know I do.  Today was one of them. The sun was shining and I was having a hard time focusing.  We did what we could do, shut the books, and headed out! Getting frustrated is not worth it, but building relationships with your kids is.  Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day!

Remember, don't be so hard on yourself as you are teaching your kids.  They are always learning, not just during the school hours. Don't compare yourself, or your kids, to anyone else.   Some of our best conversations and teaching moments are when we are driving in the car, eating dinner together as a family, or during prayers before bed! 

As long as your focus in on God, He will give you everything you need, for your sanity, and for your children!!!

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