Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How do you fnd forgiveness when the pain is so deep?

Some of the most hurt in your life can come from the people you call family.  Dysfunction in families can leave scars on your heart and bitterness in your soul.  Some of the closest people in your lives can be the ones to reject and hurt you the most.

What do you do?  How do you keep bitterness from your heart and anger from your soul?  How do you find forgiveness when the pain can be so deep? 

First it’s not easy.  Honestly, the only way to get through it is with God and the Holy Spirit.  God will begin to work in your life to show you areas in your own heart that needs mending and healing. We can’t change anyone else, but we can allow God to change us.  It takes time and it’s hard.  No matter how deep the wound is there is always a lesson to learn about ourselves.  With each lesson, we grow closer to God. 

As God heals you, He shows you the heart of others.  Their actions may be mean but when you see past all of that junk, you know they are just deeply broken and just don’t know it.  Instead of turning and giving their hurts to Christ, they lash out with all that is stored up in their heart.  You can’t take it personally. God showed me years ago, someone can only hurt you by their words and actions, if you yourself believe it to be true.  Even Christ was rejected from his own family and crucified by the people He came to save and yet he still loved and forgave. 

Read the story of Joseph in the Bible.  You will find one messed up family with jealously and pride at the root of the relationships between the brothers.  Despite how Joseph was mistreated and rejected.  He found forgiveness in his heart, continued to move forward and kept his eye on God.   Joseph learned to rely on God and prosper where he was planted despite the pain and at the end God was glorified when peace, forgiveness and redemption was brought to this family. 

I don’t know if the people in your life will allow God to heal your relationships.  I do know this that if you allow God to heal you, learn from the situation you are in and find forgiveness in your heart, you will grow closer to Him and have the joy and peace that so many people are searching for….


Lisa said...

Amen! I was hurt by Vic but realized with prayer, that he was fighting his own demons and that I couldn't allow him to hurt me. I realized that I had to accept him and just try to support him and help him. He actually helped me gain a lot of awareness and become not only a better and stronger person, but helped me become a better therapist so I can better help my clients!

Anonymous said...

Typed an entire book here and it was lost! Booo wahhhhh boooo. Lol I'll have to tell ya later.

Anonymous said...

I have been struggling with this very thing for so long I've started to give up on these people. They are suppose to be the people who love and support you (and vice versa), and they are the one's who cause you the most pain and aggrevation. For the past 27yrs I have not been able to figure them out.
My dad, who passed 4yrs ago, would tell me keep working at it... they'll come around. I'm not so sure.

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