Thursday, June 9, 2011

Commencement Speech- Professional Speaker Kim Watt

Its amazing how God works! I haven't spoken in front of a large audience over  a year or two and last night I began to freak out! I prayed and asked God do I really have to do this? If so, he better be with me and give me the words to speak.

I know this is to much information but when I woke up this morning I had the signs of speaking!!! Every time I speak I have stomach aches and gas!!! As weird as this sounds I welcomed those feelings because I knew I was getting ready to do something that I love doing. There is something that happens to me as I walk on a stage and have an opportunity to speak and connect with an audience. It's as though my soul comes alive! Besides being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and friend ( I think I have them all covered!) there is no where else I would rather be than on stage using my God given talents and glorifying God!

See, God whispered to me today and reminded me that I was created for more and yes the season I'm in right now is extremely important and I love being a stay at home mom. God reminded me if I stay focused in due time I will be able to get out there and speak again and I can't wait!

As you listen to this, there is a mistake when talking about the death of my best friend. I meant to say she died two months prior to graduation and instead I said she passed away three months ago.

Thank you Jesus for the simple reminder never to give up! Let me know what you think....

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