Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The experience with ear piercing!

Today, was a big day in the Watt family!  Makenna and Marcia decided to get their ear's pierced.  Mark and I made the decision when they were born to wait until they were old enough to take care of their ear's by themselves.  Also, we wanted them to remember the day and have it be a special memory.  We wanted it to  be their choice.  The age we decided on was 7.  Makenna wanted nothing to do it with it but Marcia has been waiting patiently.  She would of had them pierced at 3 years old!  Finally, Makenna said she wanted them pierced but only with Marcia.  So, we decided to let them both do this together! It was hilarious.

First, Markus hates the sight of blood and the thought of needles makes him go nuts! You would of though it was him that was getting his ear's pierced!  He thought there would be blood after they shoot his sisters  ear's with the piercing gun.  He was screaming in the back ground, "I can't look!  It's going to hurt!  I don't want to see blood!  You would have to be there, because we were laughing so hard. 

Makenna would not go first she started having second thoughts, so Marcia hopped up on the chair and said I'm ready lets do this!  As the lady was getting ready to pierce her ear she did an in to out block! ( I  think that is what you call it) Her karate instructors would of been so proud!  She said, "WAIT" I have to talk to my mom.  She whispers in my ear, "you did this when you were a kid, right?"  I said, "Yes." She said, Ok, I'm ready!"  After it  was all over with and she saw how cute she looks with the earrings, she said, "I'm ready to this again!"  (BTW, we were at the mall and marcia was wearing her bathing suit and her matching skirt and tennis shoes! so cute!)

Makenna was a different story.  She said her stomach was hurting and was so nervous.  She decided to do it and held my hand so tight!  After, she said it wasn't that bad!!

It was a big day for the girls but a bigger day for Mark and I.  As we looked at them and just admired how beautiful our daughters  ( markus is a handsome boy too!) are and  how grown up they look with their sparkle in their ears, we realized not only will they never forget this moment and neither will we.  I think I saw a little tear in Mark's eye's.  We both know and see our first baby girl getting ready to enter a new chapter of her life.  Our kids are growing up and mark and are growing with them.  It's a beautiful thing, but man it can just tug at your heart because it just goes by so fast....

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