Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm homeschooling my three kids this year. Its been such a blessing for our entire family. I've never felt more of a connection with my children and they are building a better realationsip with each other. So many people ask me why I'm homeschooling or what made me do it. There are so many reasons why we decided but for the main reason is God told us. For those who have had those feelings or been lead by the Lord you know what I'm talking about. Many people ask me about high school, testing, college, etc., or I hear people say I could never do that. Its not about me its about God and If God really is the center of our life and I say I trust him with everything than I have to trust he has a plan for our family. I know he does. We think we have to have all the anwers but we don't. Yes, its impotant to be educated, have goals and dreams but we don't have to have everthing figured out. Fear, control, worry, doubt is not God. We can either choose to walk by faith and not by sight or we can let the enemy control you and block the blessings God has for your life. What ever God has placed on your heart don't reject it. Pray, read the Bible and then get out there and do what he has called you to do. People might think you are crazy but itsn't that the fun part! Its no fun being like everyone! Take the leap, trust God and enjoy the journey. It will be the best ride of you life!!!

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