Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking a Break This Summer!

This has been by far one of my best summer's ever!  The craziest thing is I didn't really do anything!  I took a break from just about everything!  Well, except for taking care of my family!  I didn't have the kids signed up in a million activities.  Markus and Marcia did their usual Karate with mark and Makenna continues to do gymnastics of course!  We did fun activities around the house.  The kids had . their friends over and had many sleep overs and we even made a trip to cedar point.  I was able to connect with a few friends, though not  as many as I would of liked to have seen.  There are still some people I tried to make plans with but becasue of everyone's schedule it just hasn't worked out yet! 

In one sense I was busy this summer with every day living with four kids, but this type of "busy" is what I love!  What I took a break from was all the other unnecessary things I didn't have to do or the time I was spending on FB!  My mind was begining to fill up with clutter.  I was getting irritable and not spending the time with God that I really wanted to be spending.  It was time to disconnect and get quite, which is not an easy task for me.  I really felt God wanting me to do this again.  I needed a clear mind to hear from Him.

If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, trying to find out what decision to make, kids are driving you crazy or your marriage needs help, try taking sometime for yourself.  There has to be a few things in your schedule that you don't have to do.  I didn't have to ck FB every morning, evening and sometimes a few times during the day!  You want to talk about cluttering your mind!  Why do we really need to know what time someone is using the bathroom or going to the store?  Don't get me wrong, I like FB and connecting with friends but at this point in my life I wanted to hear what God was saying more than the 200 friends were thinking and most of them I don't really even know! 

God took these past few weeks and came through once again.  Every time there is a lesson learned don't get to comfortable because he isn't done with you yet!  There are more coming your way.  I learned what Love truly means. I learned on what it means to wait on God and he taught me in the funniest ways too!  He helped me to understand how much he loves me and how to give myself grace.  It's ok to mess up!  He is teaching me to let Him do the work and not me.  All I have to do is follow and do what he is asking me to do.  I can't wait to write about all the lessons he has taught me and hopefully through my mess, it will bless you!  If you feel like your head is going to pop at any given moment or you just would like to have five minutes to yourself or to be even to use the bathroom alone, take those as signs.  Its time to take a breather and break from all the unnecessary appointments in your life or even from FB and hear from God!  I am so excited on what he is doing in me and through me and that could only happen when we take time and listen.

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