Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm So Thankful For My Hubby!

Three years ago my husband could not sit down and talk any sense into me! Whatever he would say I would disagree even if I knew he was right! I never wanted to listen to him nor did I honor or respect him. All I could ever see was what he didn't do. He didn't clean the house like I wanted, he wasn't romantic the way I wanted him to be, he wasn't outspoken like me basically he wasn't me and Thank God! I could never live with someone like me! Anyway, if he was like me we would probably be homeless somewhere! Mark is the complete opposite of me but we complement each other. Today, I was so bothered by something and I think out loud. So, he let me get what was bothering me off my chest and then he sat he down and told me to look at the other side. He was exactly right. I had a valid point but when something bothers you or you get upset, it really important to look at the root of the problem. What can you learn from the situation? Its so easy to go on with life and get along with people when everything goes your way but when there is friction or someone isn't treating you the way you think you should be treated you really have to look at yourself and ask what is it about you? Its real growth when you can find love in every situation even when things don't go your way. What are you doing to bring this into your life? What can you learn from the situation? I've learned to trust my husband, to honor him and to listen. To be more flexible and to not let my ego get the best of me and to love even when its not easy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Important Lesson Learned From My 8 Year Old Daughter

Last night I needed time to write my book so my husband decided to go to Makenna's gymnastics practice early and take Marcia to watch. Not long after he walked into the gym he saw Makenna fall from the high bar. He saw her coaches run to her and by the way she fell he had a feeling her arm was broken. Her coaches came up to Mark and told him exactly what he was thinking," you need to take her to the nearest ER because we think she broke her arm. " Mark immediately called me while the entire time Makenna remained calm, did not loose control and never cried. Mark and I talked and I told him I would pick up Markus from Bible Class and I will meet him at the hospital. Mark and I both remainded calm. Of course we wanted her to get the best care as soon as possible we kept our emotions in check as well. He then handed the phone to Makenna and as soon as she heard my voice I heard her voice begin to quiver. I told her I loved her and to stay focus not to focus on the pain but to focus on something that she loves and makes her happy and I would be there soon. She said OK mommy and did exactly what we have taught her. She is an amazing little girl and is an example for all of us. How many times do things happen in our life and we freak out! By letting our emotions get the best of us never helps the situation. In life there are things that will hurt and experiences that can truly knock the wind out of ourselves but its important to stay focus and know this to shall pass. Makenna was more upset when the nurse said she might have to cut her leotard! The x-rays confirmed her arm was broken. The Doctor reset her arm put her cast on and she was already talking about getting back in the gym to condition, stretch and do what ever she can. People have asked me, "well what about gymnastics is she going to have to quit." The answer is absolutely NO! If you want something bad enough you will do anything in your power to make it happen. This is a great life Lesson for Makenna. I told her in life you will face road blocks and things sometimes do not go according to plan. You can either give up like the 98% of the population or you can be like the 2% and focus on the positive and work on making yourself stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. To focus on the healing and not the problems and to learn the lesson and move forward. Most people face some sort of disappointment, setback, loss or rejection and they just give up but if you are a winner you will learn form the lesson and find your strength and the true Strength comes from God. Makenna will tell you, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
The best advice I can give anyone is to find your strength in God, work on your mindset which then will be passed down to your children. If you overreact, complain and focus and put your attention on the problem then your child will do the same thing. If you want to teach your child to be a winner and to succeed in life than you must do the work yourself first and show your children the way.

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