Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Does Greater look like to you?

What does Greater look like to you?  Is it the bigger house, the new car, an increase in your salary, or traveling around the world?  Does it mean your house looking perfect, wearing the cutest clothes trying to impress people who really could care less about you?!  Does Greater mean when your kids perform well in school, participate in sports or music and get accepted to a well known college? Does it mean having it all? There is nothing wrong with having your cake and eating it too, but it all depends on your motivate, your heart and why you want to be greater.

As a young girl, I always wanted what I couldn't have.  I remember my mom saying to me, "Kim you need to be in the moment.  Be happy with what you have."  My parents didn't have much money as we were growing up  and times were tough.  But when we had the opportunity to go somewhere or buy something new, I was thinking of the next best thing or how it could of been better or different.  Missing the opportunity to be grateful and appreciate what I had at that moment.  It never was enough.  This continued into my adult life. Thankfully, I have learned what Greater truly means. 

My Greater:

God has given me opportunities I thought would only happen in my dreams never becoming a  reality.    But what He taught me the most was I already have GREATER, it was just changing me and  the way I was looking at life .  These 6 years have been life altering. I guess I can't just say the past 6 years because God has been working on me for a long time! However,   In the last 6 years, He has shaken me and woke me up from my sleepy ways!  Looking from the outside nothing has changed. I still live in the same city, same street, same house I have lived in for the past 10 years.  I home educate my kids and they are with with me 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Some people are probably reading this thinking  how in the heck is this greater!  My husband changed positions a few years ago and makes less money than he use to, I drive an older mini van, we don't have fancy decorations in our house or new furniture and we are on a BUDGET!  It probably sounds less than greater and that I must be smoking something!   However,  I've watched Christ do a miracle in my parents, transformed my marriage and  witnessed my children fall in love with the Lord! I've tried a million things and failed and almost all of them but I learn, get back up , keep believing God and stepping out in Faith.    I'm surrounded by friends who love and accept me for me and I even have a crazy dog who is just as weird as the rest of us!  If you would of asked me years ago, if this was Greater.  I probably would of said heck no!  Today, I will tell you my life is GREATER!  I still dream big and pursuing a even greater call on my life but not for me and not for materialistic reasons but for HIM  who is GREATEST!  For me, everything I'm experience from this day forward, is an added bonus!

I don't believe we can truly experience Greater until we can start small and recognize all God has given us.  It starts in our homes with our kids, our spouses and ourselves.  When we allow Him to do greater things in the these areas then my friends the doors will open to what ever else He has called you to do!  It starts with what you have right in front of you first and realize this is all you need, to stop comparing yourself to everyone else.Your life can be Greater if you just stop complaining! The saying that was mentioned earlier about having your cake and eating it too.  Well,  You will not only eat the cake but everything else He brings your way will just be the icing that makes it just that  more delicious!    This does't mean greater won't bring hard times, because it will. But that cake you are about to eat, will be worth every single bite! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Daughter's First Date!

Twenty years ago, there was this boy that I was crazy about! He had it all going on. He was smart, athletic, and drove a nice car! He not only had it going on in high school, but he was getting ready to go away to pitch for Michigan State University. This boy, who stole my heart as a young girl, is now my hubby!

You could only imagine what I was like when he asked me out on a date! There was nothing that was going to get in my way, even when he pulled up to my house in his black Trans Am and HONKED the HORN! My parents had known Mark since he was 10 years old. They liked him, but not when he was tooting his horn, not even coming to the door to take me out! I remember my mom saying, "Don't you dare go running out to his car! He can come to the door." I looked at her and said, "Mom, he's just shy." I took off running out the door to jump in his car! I was in heaven! 

Mark and I have screwed up in so many ways!  We didn't have role models to teach us and show us the way.  Nobody showed Mark how to date and treat a girl.  All he was concerned with was SEX!  I was a young girl looking for someone to love me, to make me feel special, and to delight in me.  I was extremely rebellious.  My parents did not have my complete heart and trust.  As much as our parents loved us, their marriage was not what I would have called successful!  They had their own issues going on.  So, it didn't help in preparing us for adulthood.  Mark and I were caught up in the world, and to be honest, at the time enjoying every minute!  However, with every choice came either a positive or negative consequence.

Now that we are parents, we want much more for our kids.  Thankfully, God has been teaching us and preparing us on how to do things differently.  One of the ways is by having awareness.  Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean that your kids won't screw up or make the same mistakes (or worse) than you or I have made.  We need the help of Christ. He can reveal to us why we made the choices we made in the past.  Having awareness is one step in creating a new path for our children and for many generations to come. The last thing we want is to hand our sin down to our kids.

Mark found a ring for Makenna.  Today, we went to the mall and bought it!  It's so pretty.  His plan (with my help) is to take his daughter on her first date with her first love-- her daddy!  Yes, she is only twelve, and dating is not what we are promoting.  We believe that if parents have their children's hearts and trust at a very young age, it will help stop them from getting sucked in to sexual sin, especially if they see their parents seek God and LIVE what they are teaching.  This date will not be easy for Mark! He's not a big talker, and neither is Makenna.  I wish I could videotape them both!  However, Mark knows it's important.  I've been helping him with the conversations he needs to have with her.  She is growing up, and if he wants a healthy, thriving relationship with his daughters and son, he needs to grow with them.  Yes, talking about God and how much he adores her will be the easy part.  He will also have to talk about sex, love, and boys, what it means to be sexual pure until marriage, and how hard this will be for her. How awesome for Makenna, not only to hear this from her mom, but from her dad, as well!  There could be a day that I'm not here, and she has to know she can come to her dad for anything. 

By taking Makenna on her first date, he will show her what is expected from a young man.  The ring he gives her will represent his love for her, to ask her if he has her heart.  Does she trust and love him, and know that her dad is seeking the wisdom of God, and has her best interest at heart?  He adores everything about her.  How beautiful for a young girl to know the love of Christ and the love of her daddy!

Can Makenna still rebel when she gets older?  We all know that answer.  However, we want to be intentional in everything we do, and our marriage and parenting is the most important thing on our list.  This will also set the tone for her sisters, and Mark has something else planned for his boy when he gets older.  By having God's leadership and guidance, having awareness, communicating, and showing by example, we feel will make the chances that our kids will rebel much smaller.

Yes, I do want a fairy tale marriage for my kids.  I know it's possible, because God has taken the toad that honked his horn 20 years ago, and turned him into the prince I've always dreamed of having.  This could not have happened without Christ. My girls will hear a silly story about their dad honking his horn for their mommy, but their own prince will show up for them when the time is right! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Man you wish your husband could be

Ladies, has God birthed an idea in you which has made your spirit come alive again?  Has he began to show you your gifts and talents and how you can use it to better serve others?  Has He began to show you that you don't have to fall in the trap of living a life of mediocracy, living an average life with an average marriage, kids and friends.  Has he began to show you that you are meant to be different, your marriage can be exciting and filled with passion again, your kids can dream and amazing things can happen to them too.  Your life can and will be different and reflect the love of Christ.

If so, you are begining to walk in a life of FREEDOM!!! You are begining to learn and see how wild our heavnly father is and He wants everything but average for you life.

However, as He begins to lead and open your eyes there may be a few people in our life that may not be as excited as you espeically your husband. The reason I can say this because a few years ago, God opened up my eyes and gave me increadbile opportunities.  It's crazy to think of some of the experiences I had.  I even traveled to Europe three times and two of those three times I  flew first class  to Germany!!!

As I was growing and changing, I didn't feel my husband was growing with me.  I began to see life differently and began to dream again, where in my eyes felt my husband was just this avearage guy with no real abmition inside. All he cared about was sports!!  I began to get angry.I wanted him to be excited for not only me but for what God was doing in  our family.  I wanted him to conncet with me in a much deeper way  and lead me.  He supported me in watching the kids and never telling me no that I coudldn't do something. It wasn't enough for me.  I wanted and needed more from him.  I just didn't want him to say do what ever you want because I felt then when I messed up, which I made some bad finanical decisions, He would  point his finger and say told you so.  I felt he was just waiting for me to screw up!  I've tried many things but realize now what they didn't succeed and how and why  I sabatoged every opportunity God placed in my life.

I began to nag Mark, compared him to other men and wanted him to be so different, Until God pretty much slapped me in the face!!!  I have a mentor that I love!! She said something so powerful that just took me to the floor crying, begging God to forgive me and asking Mark for forgiveness.  This was not just about Me and what I wanted.  I was not treating nor seeing my husband as the man God was preparing him to be.  I only saw his faults and treated him the way I saw him.  Instead of being his wife, helping him and  loving him for where he was and o truly accept him for being him, I saw him and treated him terribly.  I didn't give him the respect that he needed.   Once I began to realize I needed to get all I needed  from our Lord and stop nagging him. To see all that he was doing not what he wasn't doing.   Mark began to see the changes in me and allowed God to change him.  Today, God has done a miracle in our life.  Our marriage is not the same and it continues to grow and thrive because of our Lord Jesus Chrsit.

My friends allow God to ignite that fire in your heart.  Allow Him to keep in burning and be patient and love your husband and as hard as it may be at time be the wife to him that God has called you to be.  Rely on God for the strength, courage and approval you need.  In time, your husband will come around and be the Man that God has called him to be!!!

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