Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Man you wish your husband could be

Ladies, has God birthed an idea in you which has made your spirit come alive again?  Has he began to show you your gifts and talents and how you can use it to better serve others?  Has He began to show you that you don't have to fall in the trap of living a life of mediocracy, living an average life with an average marriage, kids and friends.  Has he began to show you that you are meant to be different, your marriage can be exciting and filled with passion again, your kids can dream and amazing things can happen to them too.  Your life can and will be different and reflect the love of Christ.

If so, you are begining to walk in a life of FREEDOM!!! You are begining to learn and see how wild our heavnly father is and He wants everything but average for you life.

However, as He begins to lead and open your eyes there may be a few people in our life that may not be as excited as you espeically your husband. The reason I can say this because a few years ago, God opened up my eyes and gave me increadbile opportunities.  It's crazy to think of some of the experiences I had.  I even traveled to Europe three times and two of those three times I  flew first class  to Germany!!!

As I was growing and changing, I didn't feel my husband was growing with me.  I began to see life differently and began to dream again, where in my eyes felt my husband was just this avearage guy with no real abmition inside. All he cared about was sports!!  I began to get angry.I wanted him to be excited for not only me but for what God was doing in  our family.  I wanted him to conncet with me in a much deeper way  and lead me.  He supported me in watching the kids and never telling me no that I coudldn't do something. It wasn't enough for me.  I wanted and needed more from him.  I just didn't want him to say do what ever you want because I felt then when I messed up, which I made some bad finanical decisions, He would  point his finger and say told you so.  I felt he was just waiting for me to screw up!  I've tried many things but realize now what they didn't succeed and how and why  I sabatoged every opportunity God placed in my life.

I began to nag Mark, compared him to other men and wanted him to be so different, Until God pretty much slapped me in the face!!!  I have a mentor that I love!! She said something so powerful that just took me to the floor crying, begging God to forgive me and asking Mark for forgiveness.  This was not just about Me and what I wanted.  I was not treating nor seeing my husband as the man God was preparing him to be.  I only saw his faults and treated him the way I saw him.  Instead of being his wife, helping him and  loving him for where he was and o truly accept him for being him, I saw him and treated him terribly.  I didn't give him the respect that he needed.   Once I began to realize I needed to get all I needed  from our Lord and stop nagging him. To see all that he was doing not what he wasn't doing.   Mark began to see the changes in me and allowed God to change him.  Today, God has done a miracle in our life.  Our marriage is not the same and it continues to grow and thrive because of our Lord Jesus Chrsit.

My friends allow God to ignite that fire in your heart.  Allow Him to keep in burning and be patient and love your husband and as hard as it may be at time be the wife to him that God has called you to be.  Rely on God for the strength, courage and approval you need.  In time, your husband will come around and be the Man that God has called him to be!!!

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