Friday, February 25, 2011

People really can change!!!

For those of you who are praying for change, think someone can't change or praying someone you love comes to know Christ, there is hope!

If you would of told me three years ago, my dad would be in Cambodia talking about Jesus, I would of said you are smoking something!  I could always see my mom doing something like that but not so sure about my dad!  MAYBE going to Cambodia but not the preaching about Jesus!!! (my parents believed in God but didn't know him and we didn't grow up with God as the center of our lives.I'm not talking about religion either.  It doesn't matter what religion you are, what matters is if you believe in Jesus and truly knowing him will change your life forever.)

See, God knows what he is doing and if you don't give up and keep praying and seeking God, he answers prayers. , he will begin to wake you up and begin to pull you closer to him and when he does don't shut your eyes because it will be the most incredible thing that will ever happen to you!  As he begins to tug on your heart, you may even resist and begin to kick and scream because you are afraid of change.  Trust me, don't turn your back.  Listen and begin to walk with God! I  know that freaks people out, but it is the truth!  Just because you have God in your life now, doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore either!! It doesn't mean you will be all weird, like me!!! However, it doesn't mean it will be an easy ride, because when you begin to live for God, all kinds of crazy stuff will enter you head especially doubt, fear and people making fun of you!  (Once you are tired of living to please everyone else and wanting more for your life, those thoughts begin to slowly go away and soon you can tell them to shut up when they try to creep back in your head again.  It is just the enemy trying to stop you from growing closer to God and its your job not to feed them. ) My dad and I have even gotten in some heated arguments these past few years about faith and God but  My mom never gave up on my dad.  I've seen some awesome changes in my dad!  I thank God everyday and  the funny thing is God knows exactly what to do to get our attention and to listen to him.  I guess he knew he had to take my dad across the ocean to a third world country for him to really hear him!!! What ever it takes!  It has not been a dull ride since mark, myself and my parents rededicated our lives to Christ, but it has been worth every single moment. 

My dad has been posting a few comments on his fb page and I can already tell by his post what God is doing in him.  It just blows my mind how awesome God is and I'm just so thankful for all he is doing in my parents especially my dad!  He was no easy nut to crack!

Don't give up on the people you love.  Remember we are all at different walks and stages in our lives.  Give it to God and he will do the work!  If he can change my family he can change anyone!!!

Here is what he posted this afternoon:
Sunny and hot . What i seen today was hard for me to take . Shedding tears and feeling so sad for theses kids . Debbie and I hope we can reach out to other christian churches, Friends and our family to be able to share what we have learn and seen from this trip.

For my friends in Michigan the weather is cold but your kids are sa...fe

Lets pray for the Kids Here in Cambodia

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When we need to slow things down a bit

Finally, kids are in bed, mark is watching the MSU basketball game and I just finished reading a book called, "Heaven is for Real." It's a great and easy read.  I just picked it up at Target on Sunday and finished it today.

After a really busy two weeks, it was time to pull the plug on all activities and get our life back to normal.  I love doing things with the kids.  I especially love helping my kids develop their God given talents and watch them use them, but it is important that they understand that all outside activities outside the house are privileges and I refuse to let gymnastics, karate, friends and even volunteering at church rule our life. There is nothing wrong with any of those things as long as we the  parents keep our priorities balanced and be able to recognize when life is getting a little out of control.

 In our family it is God, family and then whatever comes next.  If my kids can't get along with each other, do their share in the house and we are to busy to sit down and eat together as a family, then a big red flag goes up.  I understand sometimes we are busier than other days, but its so important to regroup as a family and that is exactly what we did today. 

Normally, the kids have their share to do around the house everyday or they don't go anywhere.  But since the last two weeks were special occasions, things around the house were a little chaotic then normal.  It was a great day to catch up on school, clean the house, kids played with just each other. ( i believe is so important. Kids don't always have to have something going on or be entertained.) I didn't burn dinner and we were able to make homemade ice cream! Marie really enjoyed not having to go anywhere too!  She had fun rolling around the floor and grabbing and wanting everything the kids had out!!!

Some days we mom's have to say NO and regroup our families and ourselves.  If we are ragged and run down then the entire house feels it.  Be careful that your kids outside activities, as much as you love being a part of them, are not running you and your family.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Prayer Tonight

Dear God,

Thank you so much for all that you have done in my life not only the good but the ugly to.  Everything that has happened in my life has helped me get where I'm at today and that is with a relationship with you.  God my prayer tonight is that you use mark,the kids and me in anyway you need to bring light to this dark world  and that you will be able to use us to bring more people to know and love you.  I pray that we will do whatever you ask us to do to bring glory to your name.  I know God that there are people that will be reading this blog and might think this is weird or that I have lost my mind because of the love I have for you, but God I hope you can help open their heart and mind to turn to you and not to this world.  I pray that they don't let people and even other Christians  stand in their way to know you that they understand that we are human and we will always make mistakes but not to focus on people but you God.  People will always fail but you are always faithful even in our darkest moments.   I pray that during good and bad times not only do you help mark and I stay focus on you and to continue to grow deeper but you help others know that there is nothing better in this life  than living for you. I pray that people know that living for you is anything but boring.  Its freedom and its so exciting!  It gives life so much more meaning and purpose.  God, I know I have so many prayers and so many things I want to do with my life for you but the one thing that means more to me than whether I speak your word, write a book, go on mission trips, make money, go on vacation, etc., is that my kids will always know your son Jesus Christ and live for him and him alone,  I pray  Mark and I do our job as parents to help them grow their faith.   The one thing  Mark and I  want is when we die and  go to heaven we want our kids to be with us there one day too.  I pray that my family, friends and people you put in our lives will know and love you too because not only do I want them to have heaven on earth today but I also want to spend eternity with them too. Yes, even the people who drive me nuts!  God I pray that whoever is hurting tonight that they ask you into their heart and to know they are not alone.  God I ask that you restore relationships between husbands and wives, parents and kids, families and friends.  I ask all of this in your mighty name Jesus!

God, thank you for loving me enough to give me ears to hear you and for forgiving me and changing me in ways that I will always be grateful.  Amen

John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for whoever should believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Please God help reveal to me if pride is still in my heart....

  I've been praying and reflecting  its amazing how much pride I use to have in my life.I never really understood what pride meant and to be honest still learning exaclty what it means and looks like. I know from past experiences its something I never want to enter my heart again.  I'm human and make mistakes and its something that can sneak into your heart if you are not careful.  Just because God has set me free from pride and many other things in my life doesn't mean it can't happen again . Its so important for me to keep my head and heart in the Bible and stay focused only on God.
 I know opening up isn't easy  and growing deeper can make you feel very vulnerable.  I know as much as I love learning more about myself the initial part is scary for me still to this day.  I'm afraid that people will see that I'm not good enough, laugh or think less of me.  However, those thoughts are crazy and not true and the enemy wants you to believe them so you stay the same.  When you stay the same you can't help grow God's kingdom and you are then not  a threat to the enemy.  I'm thankful for the people in the past and the people God has placed in my life today that they  love me enough to challenge me to grow but with love, patience and gentleness.

  The next few blogs, I will be sharing with you how I was filled with pride  and what it looked like and how and what God has reveled to me now about pride. When you can humble yourself and ask God to show you his ways, its awesome what will happen in your life.  The Bible says, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." -Proverbs 16:18. 

I would like to share with you what my friend/mentor has shared with me.

Below is a list of just a few rewards we will gain if we have true humility.

~God's rewards for Humility~

We get to have peace when we are humble

God give's us His grace when we are humble *James 4:6

He crowns us with salvation when we humble our self before Him *Psalms 149:4

Our prayers are heard when we are humble

Confidents that we have done our best for HIM when we do things with humility

God honors the humble *Proverbs 15:33, 18:12 Mt 18:4

He sustains the humble *Is 66:2b

Humility brings godly wisdom *Proverbs 11:2 James 3:13

We will depend on Him if we are humble

He shows favor to the humble *Is 66:2b, Ps 25:9

We defeat Satan when we are humble!

False humility is feeling guilt and shame when you have already been forgiven thru repentance. This false humility is pride. Pride says are ways are higher then Gods ways and the cross isn't enough.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

She did not spit on me did she???

In my small group, we are studying a book called "Deadly Emotions."  We are talking about stress, anxiety, anger, patience, etc., Its a great group of ladies and I really enjoy going and learning something new about myself.

Now, I think of myself as a pretty patient person.  Things like traffic, waiting in long lines, my dog chewing a hole in the wall or kids spilling juice on the new carpet, doesn't get me upset.  I really don't let little things bother me.  Now, where you can push my buttons is when it comes to my kids and my husband.  Cross those lines and  hurt my family you could possibly see another side of me! 

Here is how God has such a funny sense of humor.  He wants to see if I really have learned my lessons and listening to him. All this week he has been giving me things to see how I'm going to handle my patience and  to see how I'm going to react and if I'm  really stay focused on him.

I usually go and get that threading done to my eyebrows at the mall.  I've been going there for a while and there is a lady there that does a really nice job.  However, this wasn't the case this weekend.  There was someone new working and everything in me said, Kim don't sit down in that chair come back later." However, I did  not listen.  My eyebrows were so hairy that even my daughters told me it was time to go and get them done!  I said, what the heck and sat down.

First, if you never had this done, it hurts really bad!  If someone that has been doing it for awhile can do it really fast and it doesn't hurt as bad.  This girl was new and it felt like she had tweezers and was plucking each piece of hair one by one.  Did I mentionI have to do my upper lip too!  Can you imagine how bad that hurts.  On top of it taking forever and hurting so bad, I swear she took the thread and wiped her spit all over it and then used that same thread on my face!  I wanted to puke!  All I could feel was wet thread on my eyebrows!  To top it off I went to pay and she put the wrong price in.  It cost 17.00 and she charged me 170.00!  Thankfully, she was able to fix it!  However, when I went home to check my account online it the refund was still  not showing up on my account!  So, I had to sit on hold for 20 minutes until I could speak to an associate! 

All I could do was breath and remind msyefl that I've made many mistakes in the past and getting upset will not make it any better.  However, I will not be going back there again especially if that woman is working!  I may be patient but I'm not dumb!  Really, when you look at the bigger picture, its really not that big of deal and getting upset wouldn't of solved the problem!  Its important to learn how to roll with punches( I think that is the saying).  If I would of gotten angry and lost my cool, how is that being Christ like.  God is patient with us, we need to patient with everyone else.  If you get upset at the small stuff  what are you going to do when something HUGE happens in your life.  Also,  I believe if we know how to handle the small things first, God will bless you with much more! 

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus. Romans 15:4-5

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Trip to Gemany. You will never know unless you try!

I was given an incredible opportunity three years ago.  One of my friends/mentors does leadership training.  He was doing an intense  leadership training for the Daimler Financial Top Executives and he asked me to be a part of it!  How could I say no. Yes, I was excited about the opportunity to learn and work with him but I have to admit I was more excited about going to Germany, staying at a five star hotel and flying fist class! 

As excited as I was that dang doubt started entering my head!  Seriously, what the heck did I have to offer?  I was never an executive for a company nor have I worked long at a corporate job for longer than maybe 6 months!  Now, that I'm thinking about it I don't really know if I ever had a corporate job!!!  There was a moment I was eating dinner with the CFO of Daimler and all the executive and the entire time I kept telling myself, "don't open your mouth to talk. If you do, they will know how air headed you are and how much you really don't know." I don't use any big elaborate words, still learning about politics and haven't worked at "real" job in I don't know how long! I knew they really didn't want to hear about diapers, teething, or cartoons!    (If you know me, keeping my mouth shut is not an easy thing to do!)  After all the crazy thoughts that entered my head, it ended being a great experience on many different levels and plus I was asked asked to come back!  I was able to go to Germany not once but twice!

Here are a few lessons I would like to share with you.

*sometimes there will be people put in your life that will see something in you before you ever do.  I thank my friend  for believing in me even when I didn't. ( I'm thankful for the many people who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself!)

*.  Its so important to know you are and whose you are.  God doesn't want you to be anybody else but you!  Stop beating yourself up because you are not like your friend, your boss, your co-worker, your neighbor, etc., He needs you to be you so he can work through you!  Its not about you. It's all about Him.

* Stop trying to be everything to everyone!  We can't do it all and we need to stay focused on the  unique dreams and talents God has given each one of us.  As much as I loved the experience, corporate training really isn't my thing!  Yes, I can do it but my true love is helping women.  Teaching on leadership in the home.  Teaching about relationships, marriage, kids, families, people skills (which not everyone has!!!), communication, money and fear.  When I'm in my zone I come alive and the same is true for you.  There will be things we will have to do that we might not like so we can learn and get to where God wants us, but there are some places we don't belong and that is OK too! 

* Don't let fear stop you. Let God help you figure out where your fear is coming from.  Don't let the enemy get in your head either!  I've come to realize the bigger the dream, the closer you get the more the enemy will try to stop you and it doesn't have to be some big ordeal to stop you either. It can be as little as a little pecking at you telling you how dumb you are, you have nothing to offer, who do you think you are. The enemy will know your weakness and try to stop you.  Its so important you know God and pray through it!  trust me, every time I start taking more steps and moving in the right direction it happens to me every time!  Thankfully, I can recognize and keep moving forward!  I know the only reason its happening is because God has something big planned for my life!

*Enjoy the ride and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself!  If you really knew me and the air headed things that come out of my mouth sometimes or things I do, you would shake your head!  Its me and its fun being me!  If you make a mistake, just get back up and laugh!  It will make you feel better and know you are not alone! 

*who cares about status! -we are all people and we all have baggage and are more alike than we are different. It doesn't matter what job someone has, the house they live in, car they drive or money they make. It doesn't matter what you do but what you do with what you have and who are doing it for.  Its not about who knows your name or how big you are in your company or church!  Its about doing all that God has given you for him and only him!  So, when you are talking with your pastor or CEO of a company, don't look at their name but their heart!  Remember they are more like you than you really know...Just be YOU!

Don't be afraid to try something new-You will never know unless you try! What is the worst that can happen?  If you are doing it for God and end up screwing it up, he will help you make your crooked path straight! 

Is there really a such thing as a successful marriage?

Mark and I were asked the question, "What does success look like to you?" I have many different answers to this question, but the one answer that is on my heart this morning is my marriage! Since Valentines is right around the corner, I felt this was a great time to write more about this!  ( I know don't mean to get all sappy nor do I think Mark and I have a perfect marriage, because we don't. ) Mark and I have come a long way since we said, "I do."  I can honestly say  there was a time in our marriage we were only going through the motions.  (You know what I'm talking about doing everything to make the world think  your marriage has it going on but behind closed doors you know the truth and your marriage is a  big fat lie.) There was no real conversation nor was there any desire in my heart to even want to meet any of Mark's needs and vice versa.  We just were not connecting like we use to.  However, that has all changed. I can now say God has given us a successful marriage! However,   It didn't come easy and nothing in life worth living for will ever be easy. If you want a successful marriage it takes God, work, friends who can help you grow, and a will  to do whatever it takes. My pastor said, "success is doing the right thing., over a long period of time even when you don't feel like it."  Love is not a feeling it is a choice.  To have a successful marriage both husband and wife need to be in it for the long hall no matter how hard things get. ( if you are in a toxic relationship, you need to seek help ASAP)

Successful marriage is connecting at a deeper level. When you can share your deepest fears and dreams with each other.  When two people can look at each other and know the gifts and talents that God has given them and help encourage, love and support their spouse to reach their full potential. When you can humble yourself and say I'm sorry.  When a husband can let his wife shine and not be threatened by it and when a wife can serve and treat her man with the greatest respect.  Allowing him to be the head of the house and to look at him for advice and guidance. When a husband can lead his wife and kids spiritually.   When a wife doesn't have to be in control and can give it to her husband.  When two people know their role in a marriage and not abuse it.  When two people can be so different but yet share the same end in mind and can come together and fit just like a puzzle.  Its about being their for the good and bad and not to treat each other like the enemy.  To know your spouse is more than your best friend. 

When I look at Mark, the word love still can't describe what I feel  and think about him.  He is a real man and I'm proud to call him my hubby! People may think he is weak because of the changes he has made or because of his love for God.  Anyone who thinks that I will show you a marriage that is truly not healthy.  Men if you want your wife to love and respect you the way you deserve than you need to look at yourself and really ask if you are you really leading your family the way God is asking you to?   I know there are many women out there that think I'm weird because I want put my husband first ( after God). Ladies, I know it may be hard because maybe your husband isn't the Godly man he can be but someone has to make the first move.  Begin to see and love him the way God sees him and little by little changes will be made.  Keep seeking God and pray, if he can heal my marriage he can do the same for yours.  If you have a man who is seeking God and trying to change and you still can't begin to respect him and put him first ( again after God)  in your life, it is time to take  deeper look at yourself and ask why?  It is so important to help encourage your husband and help him become the leader of your family!  Families  need more men to step up to the plate and be the man that God has called him to be. 
Marriage takes work, putting God first and not afraid to look at ourselves deeper.  When we do that we can love ourselves and each other the say God has told us to do! 

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