Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When we need to slow things down a bit

Finally, kids are in bed, mark is watching the MSU basketball game and I just finished reading a book called, "Heaven is for Real." It's a great and easy read.  I just picked it up at Target on Sunday and finished it today.

After a really busy two weeks, it was time to pull the plug on all activities and get our life back to normal.  I love doing things with the kids.  I especially love helping my kids develop their God given talents and watch them use them, but it is important that they understand that all outside activities outside the house are privileges and I refuse to let gymnastics, karate, friends and even volunteering at church rule our life. There is nothing wrong with any of those things as long as we the  parents keep our priorities balanced and be able to recognize when life is getting a little out of control.

 In our family it is God, family and then whatever comes next.  If my kids can't get along with each other, do their share in the house and we are to busy to sit down and eat together as a family, then a big red flag goes up.  I understand sometimes we are busier than other days, but its so important to regroup as a family and that is exactly what we did today. 

Normally, the kids have their share to do around the house everyday or they don't go anywhere.  But since the last two weeks were special occasions, things around the house were a little chaotic then normal.  It was a great day to catch up on school, clean the house, kids played with just each other. ( i believe is so important. Kids don't always have to have something going on or be entertained.) I didn't burn dinner and we were able to make homemade ice cream! Marie really enjoyed not having to go anywhere too!  She had fun rolling around the floor and grabbing and wanting everything the kids had out!!!

Some days we mom's have to say NO and regroup our families and ourselves.  If we are ragged and run down then the entire house feels it.  Be careful that your kids outside activities, as much as you love being a part of them, are not running you and your family.

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