Friday, February 25, 2011

People really can change!!!

For those of you who are praying for change, think someone can't change or praying someone you love comes to know Christ, there is hope!

If you would of told me three years ago, my dad would be in Cambodia talking about Jesus, I would of said you are smoking something!  I could always see my mom doing something like that but not so sure about my dad!  MAYBE going to Cambodia but not the preaching about Jesus!!! (my parents believed in God but didn't know him and we didn't grow up with God as the center of our lives.I'm not talking about religion either.  It doesn't matter what religion you are, what matters is if you believe in Jesus and truly knowing him will change your life forever.)

See, God knows what he is doing and if you don't give up and keep praying and seeking God, he answers prayers. , he will begin to wake you up and begin to pull you closer to him and when he does don't shut your eyes because it will be the most incredible thing that will ever happen to you!  As he begins to tug on your heart, you may even resist and begin to kick and scream because you are afraid of change.  Trust me, don't turn your back.  Listen and begin to walk with God! I  know that freaks people out, but it is the truth!  Just because you have God in your life now, doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore either!! It doesn't mean you will be all weird, like me!!! However, it doesn't mean it will be an easy ride, because when you begin to live for God, all kinds of crazy stuff will enter you head especially doubt, fear and people making fun of you!  (Once you are tired of living to please everyone else and wanting more for your life, those thoughts begin to slowly go away and soon you can tell them to shut up when they try to creep back in your head again.  It is just the enemy trying to stop you from growing closer to God and its your job not to feed them. ) My dad and I have even gotten in some heated arguments these past few years about faith and God but  My mom never gave up on my dad.  I've seen some awesome changes in my dad!  I thank God everyday and  the funny thing is God knows exactly what to do to get our attention and to listen to him.  I guess he knew he had to take my dad across the ocean to a third world country for him to really hear him!!! What ever it takes!  It has not been a dull ride since mark, myself and my parents rededicated our lives to Christ, but it has been worth every single moment. 

My dad has been posting a few comments on his fb page and I can already tell by his post what God is doing in him.  It just blows my mind how awesome God is and I'm just so thankful for all he is doing in my parents especially my dad!  He was no easy nut to crack!

Don't give up on the people you love.  Remember we are all at different walks and stages in our lives.  Give it to God and he will do the work!  If he can change my family he can change anyone!!!

Here is what he posted this afternoon:
Sunny and hot . What i seen today was hard for me to take . Shedding tears and feeling so sad for theses kids . Debbie and I hope we can reach out to other christian churches, Friends and our family to be able to share what we have learn and seen from this trip.

For my friends in Michigan the weather is cold but your kids are sa...fe

Lets pray for the Kids Here in Cambodia

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