Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do you remember when you were little and wanted to do something or wanted to buy something and your parents told you no. Didn't it make you so mad. I remember wanting to spend the night at a friends house and for whatever reason my parents didn't want me to hang out with her and did everything they could to prevent it. I didn't understand at the time but they had their reasons. I didn't agree with them nor did I understand them. Sometimes I would break the rules and when I got caught I sure did have to pay the consequences.

Now as a mom of three kids and the fourth on the way. I see things so differently. I understand now why my parents had rules and why they protected me. I was too little to understand, I was mature enough nor did I have life experience like they did. Yes, I tried to obey most of the rules they had for me but it didn't mean I understood them, argued with them and sometimes just thought they were so unfair. However, I'm doing the samethings with my kids. I'm just not going to let them hang out with just anyone or do whatever they want becasue they want to. They might not like our deicsions but as they grow and mature and become parents someday they will understand and they will appreciate they had parents that loved them so much.

I think the samething about God. He has a plan for our life. He has things he expects from all of us. There are consequences with our choices. He gives us the free will but just like your parents God doesn't want you to hurt yourself or others. He doesn't want you to just do whatever you want becasue that is how you feel. So many people misunderstand Chrisitanity. I know I did. Untili I learned to stop focusing on the people and begin to focus on God and his word. Christianity isn't borining and a list of things you can't do. God wants you to have fun, to live life to the fullest but there are a few things that he asks of you.

Today, stop having a babyfit and running away from God. There may be somethings you don't understand. I know there are for me and there are things in my life that I might not agree with but that is between me and God. God knows me and he is teaching me as I grow and bringing in some great people in my life to help me. The more I grow the more I undertand. I had to make the choice do I want to listen to God or listen to me. I know I don't have a clue on life so I better listen to him. Becasue the one thing I never want to do is to live my life and at the end of it realize I did it all wrong. Remember you are the leaders for your family. Admit you don't know and just maybe you could use a little help and direction. What could be the worse that could happen by accepting Jesus Christ in your life. You may just find out what Joy and Peace really are...Don't let Christians who you think are hypocrtical stop you from finding the truth. People will always fail but God will never let you down...

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