Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mission trip to Africa!

Malawi, Africa here they come!!!

My parents have been given a incredible opportunity!  They will be going to Malawi, Africa this April with an organization called Little Dresses for Africa. 

All I can say is when you decide to say Yes to God, watch out because you have know idea what he will do in your life.  I'm so grateful for all He has done and continues to do in my family. 

A few years ago, my mom heard of Little Dresses of Africa through one of her friends.  At that moment a dream of meeting and going with this organization was birthed.  She never met the founder of this organization, Rachel O'Neil but she new she was a woman of God and could learn so much for her. In the mean time, my mom kept walking and doing what God was having her do. He was working on her and preparing her for what he had in store!  Excited about everything this organization stood for, she began teaching my oldest daughter how to take these pillow case dresses.  She wanted to plant the seeds in her grandchildren as well.

In the mean time God has been working on my dad!  Boy has he ever!  It's so awesome to see what God has done in both of my parents. If you don't believe in miracles all you have to do is take a look at my folks!

My parents started going to Metro South Church this year with Mark and I. ( We were at a different church previously, but felt God moving us to this church!) The first week they were there, Rachel O'Neil who started little dresses of Africa was on stage asking for donations. She was now starting a school in Malawi.  Not ever knowing God would have him deliver the gifts people have given, my dad donated some of his chairs and desk from his office...

A long story short, a few months later, Rachel came up to my dad telling him there was an opening for a married couple to go on the mission trip!  My dad felt God say Go!  He said sign us up! Called my mom and said we are going to Africa!!!  

God doesn't look for perfect people who have it all together, If he was I  sure wouldn't be writing this blog or homeschooling my kids!   He is looking for people to say Yes to his calling and his purpose. There is nothing better than being in the presence and will of God! 

If you would like to donate to this organization or sponsor my parents, please visit Little Dresses for Africa at  If you would like to sponsor my parents, go to the donate page, scroll down and look for Ron and Debbie Collard. 

Rachel O'Neil  is one  mom who said Yes to God and when you go to her website it will blow your mind away on how God used this one Woman from Downriver Michigan and now her and other people God has brought together have said yes to God  and are doing the work of Jesus!  I don't know about you but that just gets me so excited!!!! 

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