Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taking some time and reflecting on the past 13 years of my marriage and father's day.  It amazes me how time really does go by so fast.  I look at my 4 kids and see them growing up right before my eyes. Yes, it is very exciting but at the sametime I want to scream and cry because it seems like it was yesterday that I was the little girl asking my dad on Saturday nights to go bike riding up to the coney island to see my mom at work!  It seems like yesterday my mom tucking my brother and I in at night and giving me those mom talks that have continued into my adult life!  It seems like yesterday, it was my dad teaching me how to bounce a basketball and now it's my husband teaching our kids.  Life hasn't been easy but I'm so thankful for everything in my life.  You would think after homeschooling the kids and being with them all day everyday that I would be so excited to have them grow up and get out of the house, but it's actually the oppostie. I know how fast life goes by and I never want to grow weary or loose focus on what life is truly about.  I have an amazing dad and husband that loves me so much, but who I reall need to thank is my heavly father because it is him who  has given me so much life especially when I didn't deserve it.  He has loved me and continues to love me and helps me grow to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  Even when I didn't realize he was next to me, he still loved me.Thank you for changing me .Thank you for every minute of my life, for the family and friends you have blessed me with, for the good and hard times becasue in those desparte times is where I have always found you.  Thank you God for all amazing blessings you have given me. Sometimes, I may forget and get stressed out over something very trivial but you always remind me what life is all about. 

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