Friday, June 24, 2011

Is it really hard being baby number 4?

Marie is turning 11 months on the 30th and her first birthday is just around the corner.  However, I haven't a clue on what we are going to do for her.  It's funny how things change from the first child to the fourth!  I remember having Makenna's first birthday and had it planned a few months ahead of time or at least I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I think we invited everyone we knew!!  Then as we had Markus and Marcia the parties became smaller and smaller! 

Sometimes I feel like Marie and sometimes Marcia gets the short end of the stick.  Especially Marie.  I've only taken her once to get her pictures taken since she was born.  Makenna and Markus had their pictures taken every 3 months and even marcia had her pictures taken a few times too!  Marie has gotten more hand me downs than any of the other kids, barely any new toys (who needs toys when there is remote controls, pots and pans and cupboard doors!) The video camera doesn't get turned on as much but who as time because we are on the go Marie spent her first year in her car seat!  ( not so much but it did seem like it at times) and the pictures we have taken are still sitting in the camera waiting to get printed.  Makenna and Markus have tons of scrapbooks and baby books and Marie only has her name printed on the front of the book.

But with saying all that, I also look at all the love she recieves.  She has two sisters and a brother that loves her more than life itself.  Mark and I are in such a better place mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We are not so high strung like we were when Makenna was little and our marriage has been restored like I can't explain.  God is the center of our life and our vision for our family is even larger than it was 10 years ago when Makenna was born.  I've chilled out in so many ways and learned so many life lessons and because of that Marie benefits from it greatly ( so do the other kids)  .  We love Marie as much as we love all the other kids and couldn't imagine our life without here.

Actually, I don't really think she has missed out being number four.  She receives  so much love and at the end of the day  "stuff" really doesn't matter.  Yes, she doesn't have her own room and when she gets married one day and we want to put a collage of pictures together of her life, I might have to borrow pictures from my friends or find pictures of the kids and tell her it is her ( thank goodness they all look alike) and she can tease Mark and I and say how she never had as much as her big brother and sisters.  But if mark and I do our job as parents she will know that things aren't important and she will know without a doubt how much God,Mark and I love her with ever bit of our heart....It all depends on how you look at life.  Being number four isn't has bad as it looks even if she doesn't get the party of the year!!!

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