Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can you really feed a family on $100.00 per week?

Grocery shopping can be a pain and costly.  However, if you are serious about wanting to make extra money and willing to CHANGE, then one of the answers can be as simply looking in you refrigerator or kitchen cabinets!  If you want to save money or make money it is time to start trimming the fat from your life and it can start with grocery shopping!

One of my mentors put me to this challenge 1 1/2 ago. (she is a Christian, married, mother of 5 an a self-made millionaire! . If you want to debt free, have a better relationship or open a business, then get people in your life you can learn from. You don't want to be them but learn what they have done.)  It has taken me this long to get it down!  However, with a little attitude adjustment and willing to change, we have saved lots of money and are no longer in debt! ( I should say no longer in debt minus the house)
Cooking is not my favorite nor am I good at it and I love to eat out!  However, I knew this wasn't healthy, good on the pocket book nor was it teaching my kids on how to be wise with their money or how to run a house hold.  I pulled up my big girl pants and was willing to do what needed to be done! 
I have saved money and this is without coupons but as soon as my sister in law teaches me how to save money with coupons I will be saving even more money!!!
Challenge yourself to 100.00 per week for groceries!  I know it sounds nut but it can be done.  How bad do you want to go on that vacation?  How bad do you want to start a small business?  How bad do you want to stay at home with your kids or pay off your credit card?  If it is bad enough, well you can do it!
Here is what I do:
1.  Obviously, make a list and plan for only a week!  ( I say obviously, but a few years ago, I never made a list and just bought whatever I wanted and way too much and that is gluttony.  We should only be buying what we really need.  (for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothe them in rags. Proverbs 23:21)

2.  A friend of mine told me a few years ago, how she only shops on the outside aisle and never in the middle.  I buy a few things in the middle aisle but only a few. 
3.  stop buying all that crappy junk food!  I buy snacks but try to stay focused on healthy snacks.  If you have a sweet tooth bake!  Think about it, if you have to bake your cookies you are not going to be eating them everyday because it takes time and work!  It cuts down on cost and your waist line!  ( we are lucky Mark works for a baking company, so when we want store bought doughnuts he can surprise us and bring them home! Also, I try to keep Mark away from grocery shopping too!  He would buy more snacks and less healthy food!!!)
4.  No more boxed food! once I learned what is in all of that, I stay away. If I have to buy something in a box,I try to buy organic.
5.  By cutting down on buying snacks, junk and more than I need, I'm able to buy organic milk, fruit, eggs and cereal.
It's really not hard at all it just takes discipline and work! Stop eating out and  start cooking at home.  Maybe you are reading this and say DA Kim!! If so, you rock!  Unfortunately, evn though I may have known these things, I was off course and thankful for the people God put in my life to help get me back on track! 
 Remember, "Luke 16:10 Anyone who can be trusted in little matters can also be trusted in important matters. But anyone who is dishonest in little matters will be dishonest in important matters." This applies to how and where we spend our money and yes even at the grocery store matters to God!

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