Thursday, August 1, 2013

Growing up and letting go!

The majority of people I have met  said they would NEVER go to a high school reunion and for good reasons!

Recently, my husband and I went to our 20 year reunion.  To be honest if you would of asked me a few years ago, I would of told you, “heck no!  I’m not going!”  Even though, I went to all the other reunions in the past. 

Before I continue, don’t miss what this blog is about.  I’m not trying to convince you to go somewhere you don’t want to go.  What this blog is about is forgiveness.  Forgiving yourself and facing your past. 

Years ago, when I went to past reunions, my heart was not right.  I was holding on to resentment towards old friends and myself, anger towards my husband and regrets. 

You might say that is ridiculous.  It was high school!  People grow up and move on.  Yes, this is true to some degree.  See, most people don’t really move on.  They think they have but what they have really done is run from their past. 

In order to live in the fullness of what God has planned for our life, we need to visit certain places in order to learn the lesson and find forgiveness.   If not, it will continue to show up in our life or repeated in the lives of our children. We can’t do this alone.  We need God to reveal areas in our lives that need healing.   As silly as it sounds, even choices you made as kids can still have a negative effect on your life, if not dealt with properly. 

The problem was not the friends from school.  The problem was me.  We can’t change anyone only ourselves.  I finally was able to not only forgive the people who hurt me including my husband, but also forgive myself for my actions and hurting others.
For the first time, this reunion was different.  It was a blast filled with so much laughter and healing friendships!  The reason being because my husband and I not only grew up but  we also let go!  

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