Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't foget to add Do your Husband to your list of things to do!

Getting ready for the kids to get back to school can be exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting!  It doesn't matter if you home-educate or send your kids to traditional school.  If you are sending your little one off to kindergarten, or watching your big one go off to college, it can be extremely emotional.  I didn't always home-educate. I remember dropping my daughter and son off on their first day of school, and I was a basket case!  I was one crazy mama!!

There is so much to do, especially if you work outside the home.  The list never feels like it gets shorter.  I thought I had all my supplies ready to start school, and now I've found out that my list is even longer than it was before!

In all the commotion, there is one very important must do that we cannot forget  If you have to add it on your list, then do so right now!  If you are married and want a rockin' marriage, then you must DO your HUSBAND!!! 

Yes, I know I’m crazy and love talking about sex!  The reason is that I know how screwed up our marriage was, and if God can use me and my mess to help married couples know how to have a HEALTHY marriage and sex life, than I’m all for it! 

I know there are days that I want to scream, please, just leave me alone, however our husbands  have to matter, and this means satisfying their needs no matter how tired we might be! If you want a thriving marriage, honor and respect for your man is crucial in your home.

So, it doesn't matter whether you do something fun and spontaneous, or just pencil him in on the laundry list of things to do.  But, whatever you do, don’t forget, and DO IT, or I should say, DO HIM!!!

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