Saturday, August 3, 2013

Broken but Beautiful

It felt like it was at least 100 degrees outside as we hiked up the rocky dirt road to head to church.  In just a few minutes I was already out of breath and sweating my tail off.  Finally, we were there!  Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.  The men in three-piece suits and the women in high heels and skirts and looking like a million dollars.  Looking at these beautiful Haitian people, you would never know what they had to endure just to get to Sunday school. 

The Church was a broken building. You could still see the effects of the earthquake just a few years prior.  Actually, it was a great representation of what we are like without Christ.  Broken Rubble.  Church was simple, yet powerful.  It wasn’t over-complicated with programs.  Worship was like nothing I have ever heard before.  Simple, it but sounded like angels.  It sent chills up and down my spine, yet there was no band.

Church there wasn’t over-complicated.  The room was filled with people who longed to hear and know the Word of God.  They praised Him for everything in their lives and asked for forgiveness.  The world looks at this little Island and thinks they have nothing, and yet they have everything we could ever want. 

We over-complicate and over-schedule our lives, running, trying to gain something more.  Yet all we need is right where we are, and there is nothing we need to do, gain, or build to make it more.  God is not complicated.  We don’t need to make Him more.  God is big, simple, and enough!

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