Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bringing out the warrior in your child

Standing in the middle of a high school gymnasium stood this one young boy.  He had his dobok on, his belt tied tightly around his waist, and he was wearing the face of a warrior. He was focused, determined, and waiting for the testing to begin.  His parents sat in the stands trying not to boast in the glory of their son’s success, trying to be humble.  His presence down on the floor was a testimony of God and all His glory.  It took everything for these same parents not to stand up and scream, “There is our boy!”

Yes, this is our boy that I'm writing about. If you are a parent, you know the feeling, especially when you know what your child has had to overcome.  Years ago, doctors told my husband and me everything that my son would not be able to do.  His journey, though we know many other people have had much more to endure or overcome, has not been an easy one.  However, my husband and I refused to believe anyone else but God.  We knew that with Him all things are possible.  We look to God as he continues to guide our every step.  He has helped us find our son's passions, and nurture his gifts and talents.  This shy, timid boy who struggles with his motor, and at times, social skills, stood tall and confident in that high school gym with big dreams and a love for God and his family.  This is what it’s all about.  This is what makes it a great story.  Fighting against the impossible.  When everyone tells you it’s not possible, yet you are still standing, ready to win!

We do not boast about our parenting skills and ourselves.  We boast about God, because it is He who has taught and guided us along the way.   Parenting your children begins with how you view and see your children.  You may not have a vision for your life, but never pass down mediocrity to your children.  See them in the eyes of God, and you, my friend, will witness your children be and do more than you could possibly imagine yourself.   Also, begin to see yourself the way God sees you.  As you grow and become the warrior God has designed you to be, you will become a role model for your children.  You will show them by example that, no matter how hard life is, you never quit. 

A little side note:  My son was pulled to the side at karate practice yesterday.  He was told that the judges said he was one of the best students at the testing.  There were around 10 different schools involved, kids and adults!!! We are so proud of the warrior our son is becoming.

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