Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What about Miley Cyrus?

If you haven’t heard about Miley Cyrus performance on MTV’s VMA awards then you must live under a rock or definitely not connected to social media!  By the sounds of it she could of made Lady Gaga blush!  Now, I think that last comment was going a little over board but you get my point! 

I’m sure there are people and especially some of her fans think that people like me are being to judgmental, ridiculous or even old-fashion.   These same people are saying I thought you are not supposed to judge?  Some are probably saying but my generation grew up with Madanna!  Yes, we did and I will admit I even liked her as a young girl. However,   It doesn't make it right.  I was to young and stupid to know better. ( Thankfully, my parents tried their hardest to keep me away from listening to her music.  Unfortunately, I was rebellious and didn't always listen.)   I’m not judging Miley but I am judging her actions.  Come on these entertainers are put on display for the world to see and this is the crap we get?  Yep, because we have allowed it.  For everyone who is accusing me of  judging you are darn right I am.  I'm not judging her per say, I am judging her actions.   Iff we as parents don't stand up and do something the world will eat our  children alive.   Her actions on stage (and many other so called performers) for the world to see are something that needs to be talked about. ( But as we do, we can't forget to look at our own lives.)  Turning our cheek will only give the impression to our children that behaving in such a way is acceptable. 

I’m not saying I’m better than this girl.  I’ve done some shameful things in my youth that could make many people’s jaw drop including my parents.   I loved being center stage and thought acting in such a way was what you needed to do to get the attention from boys.  I was so wrong.  Thankfully, my parents never held anything against me and loved me enough to forgive me.  God is the same way.  I’m sure it breaks his heart to see His child acting in such a disgusting way.  She was given so many gifts not to bring herself glory or to sell her soul for fame and money but to bring Him glory. However, there is hope and it’s not found in the applause from man, money or from a Hollywood contract it's  found in Christ.  God is slow to anger and rich in grace and mercy. There is no sin to big that God will not forgive. If you have a repentant heart and ask Him to forgive you, He does.     I pray her eyes will be opened once again to Him and put back on  path that will only bring her life. I pray she allows God to change her heart and will bear witness for all the young girls to see.   When she does God will be waiting with open arms to forgive her, just like he did with you and me. 

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