Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do you stuggle with People Pleasing?

People pleasing have been one of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome.  Maybe someone reading this blog today has struggles with the same issue.  Maybe you are a very social person like me.  You love people.  Going to parties and meeting new people is a good time in your book.  You love to connect deeper with people and the thought of saying goodbye to anyone sends you in tears and a broken heart.  I seriously hate goodbyes.  I can be at the airport and watch complete strangers cry as they leave their love one and I fall apart!  My family would tease (or I would say torture) me and say, “how about we take Kim to the airport and watch her cry!”   Now, do you understand why I need so much help!!
Loving and connecting people are God’s commandments.  The apostle Paul wrote about becoming all things to all people, so that he may by every possible means save some (1 Corinthians 9:22).
However, we need to be careful. Paul does not say he has become all things to all people so he can be popular and loved by the world.  He says the opposite.   His reasons he found common ground and building relationships was so important so he could share the gospel and become a partner in its benefits  ( 1 Corinthians 9:23).
I will admit that what has held me back from taking the next step to following the desires God has given and placed on my heart is I was still holding on to the opinions and thoughts of people more than God’s.   To be honest, I was afraid to step out not so much of what people outside the church walls would say about me but inside.  Here Christ set me free but I didn’t experience complete freedom because I was entangled in trying to be what the Church wanted me to be.  I was allowing other people mold me to what they thought a Christian woman should be and look like.  God has and continues to love me and say, “I’m the one who is the author and giver of life.  I’ve made you the way I want.  I’ve called you for a divine purpose.  I’m the one who will change you and nobody else. You are my creation. Now get out and do what I’ve called you to do.”  He is saying the same to you.   If you make a mistake it's ok!  God can take your mess and make turn it into something beautiful.  He will redirect your steps if you continue to seek Him. 

If you are stuck like I was and sometimes it can sneak up on me, if I’m not careful.  There is hope!  You can live a victorious life and go after whatever God has placed on your heart once you know deep in your soul who He says you are.  Get in His Word.  Fill your mind with the words of God.  Pray and find a FEW people you can trust to share your struggles, dreams and allow them to cover you in prayers.  You will begin to live in the freedom Christ has called you to live.  Finally, saying goodbye to something that has been a thorn in your side.  This will be one goodbye that will not bring you tears!  So long people pleasing and hello freedom!

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