Thursday, August 29, 2013

Confessions of a wife and her husband's fantasy!

An endless dripping on a rainy day and a nagging wife are alike.” Proverbs 27:15

As the family cleans up the kitchen after dinner, the faucet on the kitchen sink has been accidentally left on.  There is this dripping sound, which nobody seems to be paying attention to.  Her husband gets up from the dinner table and quickly runs to his computer.  His wife notices, but continues cleaning the rest of the crumbs left behind.  She catches a glimpse from the corner of her eye, is he texting someone? It seems odd to her because he is not someone who talks on the phone, let alone texts. He is smiling and laughing as he receives a response.  She begins to feel a little left out.  She yells a comment from the other room, to which he responds, but only half-heartedly.  It is obvious he doesn’t want to be bothered at the moment.  He is so preoccupied, he even turned down his favorite love language. Are you serious?  Could it be another woman?  How did this happen?  Did her husband find a new love?  Suddenly, she is brought back to her senses and realizes it not another woman, it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!

You could be thankful that it’s only his fantasy football league he is focusing on.  However, you begin to get upset because you feel he is spending too much time preparing for this ridiculous football draft.  As you take your jabs, the kitchen sink continues to drip. However, the sound becomes noticeable.  Your jab becomes punches, and soon your husband can’t take it much longer.  As he gets up to leave the room, he stops at the kitchen sink to turn off the dripping faucet. However, because it’s been going on for so long, there is now a flood and a simple turning of the knob just won’t work.  

I don’t know your husband, or what he enjoys to do. Perhaps he likes fantasy football, hunting, or NASCAR.  Whatever it is, we must not sound like a dripping faucet and nag our husbands to death about their hobbies. I learned this years ago.  Remember, there is an enemy that wants nothing else but to kill, steal, and destroy your family.  Working on your marriage is something you have to do daily.  It’s easy to let something small turn into something much bigger, if you are not careful.  God had to remind me to focus on all the good my husband does. He seriously is a rock star.   Focusing on the negative only creates jealousy and selfishness, bringing destruction to what God has built in your marriage.   

I went over and turned the faucet off before the dripping turned into a huge flood that I couldn’t fix.  I ask God and my husband to forgive me. Now, I can’t promise I won’t make jokes about his fantasy football leagues, especially with my girlfriends, but I do promise to love and support him just like he does for me!  If this is what he enjoys doing, then I’ll pull up my big girl pants and put up with it for  yet another season!!

 “For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.  But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure, then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”  James 3:16-17

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Tim O'Dell said...

I have the unbelievable fortune to be blessed with a wife that loves racing as much as I do.

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