Thursday, August 15, 2013

What brings you pleasure?

There may be people who read this blog and think this woman is just boring, prude and needs to lighten up.  These same people may have thoughts like she is so religious.  It's all about what you can't do or can do.  Most of the can do are about giving up something that brings people pleasure. Why would I ever want to so that someone may ask.   I guess you would need to ask yourself what is your definition of pleasure?

Is it gambling, strip clubs, bachelor, bachelorette parties  and drunkenness? Is it cheating on your spouse or choosing your friends over family?  If you would of asked my husband and I years ago we would of said YES to most of those questions.   We have experienced pretty much it all to some degree.  We did have limits.  However, if we would of continued down this road those same limits would of become a green light for more. 

Thankfully, God changed us.  This is really the only answer.  Little by Little He has changed our hearts.  We are so thankful.  Faith in Christ is not about rules and regulations.  It's about a new Freedom.  It's not about being perfect but living a life pleasing to God. 

My definition of pleasure has since changed.  It's about  having complete joy and love for my husband, kids, family and friends.  Pleasure for me is not having my past sins ( I know people hate this word!)  haunt me and keep me from pursing all God wants for my life.  Pleasure is not living a life of regret but living a life full of adventure  and being  role models for my children.  Pleasure for me is when I'm sitting at a baseball game like I was last night, seeing my kids cuddled up with my husband and him looking at me with that look that makes me feel like a young girl falling in love all over again!  Pleasure for me is a marriage free from lust, jealously, insecurity  and knowing we both have each other's complete heart!

Pleasure for me is laughing, dancing, joking, dreaming, giving, working and yes  even grabbing a beer once in while with my husband.  But, ultimately both my husband and I find our pleasure in the only place you can truly receive and find it  and the answer is in Christ.

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Ceil said...

Hi Kim! It is important to be true to yourself, no matter what other people say.

You know what works for you, so why not love what wisdom God has given you?

Good to see you today!

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