Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bare Naked!

Two weeks ago, I was getting ready to start my day and as I was putting my makeup on I could hear Mark and the kids saying, " why do you wear make up?  you look so beautiful without it?"  Although, I didn't agree nor did I see what they saw I decided to listen and give it a chance and allowed my face to be completely bare and free!  At first, I looked and wanted to scream!  All I could see was my blemishes, scars, freckles, sun spots basically every imperfection was magnified 100 times.  My eyes refused to see the beauty.  However, as time has passed I've began to embrace the new look and little by little see what God and my family have seen all along!

So, this had me thinking at a deeper level about how people try to disguise themselves not allowing someone to see what they are afraid to face themselves?  How many people try to cover themselves or hide behind money, possessions, food, alcohol, drugs, work or even their own children? How many people hide behind social media?  How many people try to stay busy or run from job to job  relationship to relationship not allowing anyone to truly love  them because if they really saw you and all your implications and failures they would immediately reject you?

It's time to stop.  It's time to stop covering ourselves up and trying to be something or someone we are not.  It's time to stop trying to impress the world. It's time to look in the mirror and begin to see your inner beauty.  God only cares about your heart.  When you give it to him and allow him to take away all your idols and allow your self to be naked from the world and be in his presence is when you will begin to appreciate and love yourself the way God has always intended. 

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