Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What will be the future of our Country?

One night after everyone was asleep, Mark climbed on the roof of the Orphanage to hang out with his new friend Fredrique.  Fredrique was one of the translators and lifelong friend of the founder and director of Gradec Orphanage.  He was newly married, father and loves the Lord.  Just a young guy but filled with so much wisdom and works so hard. 

Mark shared some of their conversations with me.  He said, the difference between the United States and Haiti is one was founded on Godly principles and the other demonic.  One country turned to God and the other turned away.   Our new friend has hope for his country and believes God is using him and this orphanage to help raise up Godly leaders who can get Haiti back on the right track.  The country itself is beautiful and there is opportunity.  However, the mindset and faith of the people need to change.  It’s not the government’s job but the spirit of the people.

I’m not a politician and this isn’t about liberal, conservatism, democrat or republican.  Even though the poverty in Haiti is much worse than anything we have ever experienced, we have many similarities.  Unfortunately, if we the people continue to rely on the government to do the work that we ourselves are supposed to do push God out of the picture and rely on our own strength, one day Haiti will become our country’s new reality. 

I believe we were born in this amazing country we call the United States for a bigger purpose than to just consume and entertain ourselves to death.  We have been born and given opportunity that most people would die for.  We just can’t sit around and wait for someone else to do the work we are called to do.  We need to become successful in all areas in our lives and go after those dreams and better ourselves so we can than better our families, influence people and countries around us.  We can only do this when we the people begin to come together and turn back to God. 

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