Saturday, June 15, 2013

Did we love each other when we said " I do"?

I’ll never forget sitting in a choir class in the 12th grade (I have known idea why I was in a choir class.  I’m the worse singer ever!!!)  I looked at two of my friends and said, “I know I’m going to Marry Mark Watt.” 

Sure enough five years later, I was walking down the aisle to say I do to a young man I had so much passion for! 

“Now wait a minute,” you are probably thinking.   “Why didn’t you say in love?”  To answer your question, looking back now and knowing what we know, we were not in love with each other.  Actually, we really had no clue on what love really looks like or how to do it successfully until God really grabbed onto our hearts.

God knew what he was doing.  He took the passion we had for each other to bring us closer to Him.  Love is not a feeling it’s an action.  Mark and I made many mistakes before and during our marriage.  We were carrying around so much baggage we didn’t know what to do with it or how to forgive each other.   Years later, we came to the point where we could have just buried it and acted like most 98 percent of marriages and gone through the motions just doing enough to get by, end our relationship with divorce or allow God to do His work.  Thankfully, we allowed Him to do His thing!!!  What a work He has done!!!

If I could offer just two words of wisdom for anyone struggling in their marriage, forgiveness is key in order to have a healthy marriage with an awesome sex life!   It’s not always easy but with God, it’s possible.  For all the young girls out there, DON’T RUSH INTO DATING!  This may sound old fashion but just don’t have sex with anyone.  Wait for marriage.  If you ask people who are honest about themselves they will tell you the implications, hurt and baggage that comes with giving yourself to just anyone.  You may think you are ready or everything in you says go for it but until that man can commit himself to you and love you the way God wants a man to love His wife, it’s just not worth it.  Trust me!  Mark and I had to learn the hard way….

You may be like me 20 years ago and have the HOTS for someone and nothing can keep your mind off of him.  I would say, seek God first.  Know who you are in Him because no matter what you are feeling at this moment, a man will NEVER complete you, even after 15 years of marriage.   The only one will is  Christ!  
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