Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ghetto Ministries

Ghetto Ministries

Disclaimer:  If this name offends someone, please stop reading this blog!  This is not for you!!! I know there will be some Christian who will have their pants in a bunch or be offended because I said ghetto ministries. 

Definition of Ghetto:  it's a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal or economic pressure.  The term was originally used in Venice to describe the part of a city to which Jews restricted and segregated. 

Who would Ghetto Ministries’ include? Anyone who feels like they just don't belong.    It would be for anyone looking to grow closer to God or for someone who is far from the heart of God.  It would be for someone with their heart in the right place but always makes mistakes and either says or does  the wrong thing!  It would be for anyone who can laugh at themselves and shortcomings know they are not perfect and doesn't try to be.  For someone who know matter how hard she tries she just can't be sophisticated and can never measure up to other peoples expectations.     For someone who just wants to be real, talk about real life issues and dig deeper into their own personal lives, laugh, cry and support each other with their dreams.  For someone who is tired of playing church, talking the churchy language and living a life trying to please people!  It would be for any ordinary person who knows they were born for something extraordinary but just needs a little help getting there.  For someone who loves Christ and just wants to live a life pleasing Him and nobody else!

Maybe I have lost my mind! But, I know there are people out there that fit this description and if this is you, hang on tight because God has something big in store!!! I’m just messing around with the name ghetto, even though I seriously like it! He has been stirring something inside of me for years.  I’m feeling like it’s just about time to step out and step it up!! If you are ready to be real, get real, grow closer to Christ and live a life everyday on purpose, then I look forward to learning and growing with you.  I'm not really sure how it's all going to unfold but I do know this ministry will definitely  be for you!!!

I know I'm so ghetto!  This speaking ministry will be to help those Christian and  who feel like they are restricted and segregated to step out and be free!  For the non-believer to  be real, learn more and fall head over heals in love with Christ.

Please pray for me as I listen to God as I put my everyday ghetto lesson and conference calls together! 

Bringing Light to the Matter will be where I share, talk and discuss much deeper issues!


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Margie said...

haha! "i'm so ghetto"

That made me laugh out loud!

I pray for your ministry all the time (not every day, but a lot!) I can't wait until we are no longer ghetto and Christ is EVERYWHERE in EVERY HEART and proclaimed!!

You go girl!

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