Sunday, May 12, 2013

My parents were just kids when they had my brother and I.  I often think about what my mom and dad's first reaction was when they found out they were going to be having a baby girl and soon later their baby boy!
Their lives were just beginning.  Did they think there goes my life?  Where they scared?  Did they have any regrets? 
If they did, they didn't have them long.  Even though our life was not perfect and my parents went through many ups and downs, there was one thing my brother and I knew without a doubt we were their life!
Thank you both mom and dad for the sacrificial love you give to your family.  Stuff, dreams or work never was a priority over your family. There are days I would love to go back to those times when it was just the four of us.  Because the love you showed  made it easy for me to understand the love that God has for his children. 
 Life goes by so fast.I wish I could just hold on to the life I know have.   Thank you for teaching me to enjoy the moments as Mark and I watch our four blessings and think there goes our life and  we wouldn't change it for the world.   Each one so beautiful and not only part of mark and I but part of both of you. 

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for giving me the two of you!  I pray as our kids grow that they love Christ with all their heart first and love us as much as I love the two of you!

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