Tuesday, May 14, 2013

baby-on-toiletIt has become a new signature of Marie’s, as she is running to the bathroom she announces to the entire family she is about to pee her pants!  She climbs on the toilet and in her little voice filled with enthusiasm screams," I went pee on the toilet!'
Yesterday, as she was running she had a little accident.  I didn’t realize she did until I went into the bathroom afterwards and found her underwear in the toilet. I giggled because she was just copying what I did when I was potty training her.  When she had her accidents, I would toss them in the toilet until I had a few minutes to go back and rinse them off. 

It’s just a reminder to me how children really watch what we do more than what we say. 
If you don't like how your children are behaving and the actions they are displaying, you might want to put yourself in a time out and figure out why.It might be an issue at school, friend or even at church that is bothering them and they are taking it out at home.  However, from my own personal experience, if there is tension between my kids and I or between siblings, it's a big red flashing light showing me that more than likely expressing what they are seeing and feeling from mark and I. 

Today, remember you actions speak louder than your words. One of my favorite quotes is, “your children want to be who you are. So be who you want them to be.”

Next time, I need her to actually see me clean her big girl pants not just leave them in the toilet.  So, maybe she will finish the job!!! A mother can always have hope can't she?

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