Thursday, May 16, 2013

Have you sent your husband a sexy text?

There are days I look at my husband and think wow he is one good looking man and then there are days when I think not only is he good looking but he is HOT!  The other day, I was having that moment.  He had on just a blue t-shirt and jeans nothing special, but I love blue on him.  I must of said it a dozen time because he said he was going to either wear that t-shirt more often or go buy a few more in the same color!! The next morning I sent him a text message.  It wasn't can you bring home some bread on your way home from work either!!!

If you want to make your husbands day a little more special, send him a sexy text!  Not just once a year, but often reminding him you still love and have the hots for him!  When doing this there is  something important to remember, don't send him a novel or a three page text just something short, sweet and to the point. He doesn't have time to read some long drawn out text.   Just something enough  to make him smile.  Let him know you ar thinking about him, appreciate him, making his favorite dinner or how sexy you think he is.  If you want him to have a grin from ear to ear, send him a message about something crazy and wild you want to do with him and make sure when he walks in the door follow through and have some fun!The key is following through on your message!!!

Awesome marriages just don't happen.  It takes work.  If you can send an encouraging word to a friend or text a co-worker about a meeting or something happening at the work place, you can find time to send a message to the one are suppose to love care for  the most. 

I know there is someone reading this from a broken marriage and just the thought of being in the same room with him makes you want to hurl.  I know the feeling and have been there.  God is so big and can heal any relationship, if you give it to Him and do what He (meaning God) asks you to do. It will not be easy and many days you will want to pack your bags and hit the road.  Maybe for you today, it's sending God a message asking him to help you or maybe just texting your husband to simply say," Hi or I love you." You may not feel like you do but love is not a feeling it's an actionIt takes many baby steps.  One step at a time.  ( If you are in an abusive relationship, please seek help from a pastor, Christian counselor or someone you can trust.)

 Today, make your husband feel the respect and honor you have for him and send him a message that will shock and knock his socks off! 

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