Monday, December 31, 2012

Are New Year's Resolutions a Waste of Time?

New Years is a great time to reflect on the year and look forward to the coming years! However, I've learned not to say things that I just know I'm not going to do or quit right before starting leaving me feeling like a big loser. Goals and plans are important don't get me wrong.  They are necessary or we will just find ourselves drifting not growing allowing the world to just suck us in.  They are important to set boundaries, focus, how to spend our time and to keep your eye on what is important.  Life is to short not to be purposeful in everything we do. 

There have been so many years I would make list and be so excited I what I was going to accomplish.  However, within just a few months I found myself quiting and feeling like I was never going to accomplish anything.

The problem wasn't in the goals or the plans.  The problem was within me.  It doesn't matter how hard we try, push or strive we will never get to where we want until the change take place in the heart.  All these self help books talk about what we can or need to do.  They focus on  making  you believe it's all about you .  It will motivate you for a few moments and help you to some degree  but eventually  bring you back right back to square one. I'm not totally against self-help books, because they did help me. I'm all for personal developement.  However, there just is so much missing in these  type of books and can lead people in the wrong direction.  It's important to understand ,when we try to make things happen on our own we will always fall short somewhere in life.    Maybe we will get the job promotion but then the family will sacrifice, maybe we will make more money but in doing so our marriage gets neglected.  Maybe more people know our name, but we've missed out in our kid's dance recital, soccer games, helping with school work or missing family dinner.  When we try to make thingshappen anxiety, worry, fear, and stress are just a few emotions we will experience. I know many people who  run after the goals not taking time to take look within themselves and after reaching what they believe would bring them success and happiness left them miserable.

 Once we realize the real goal should be in our heart  allowing God to take your hand you will never loose.  Yes, it will not be easy but when God is leading you and placing in your heart what He wants you to  do, the people you love the most will never miss out!  God is organized.  He will not have you scattered all over the place leaving you feel like a big fat loser with an  elephant on your chest.

For 2013 yes have goals and plans but make sure you lay them at the feet of Christ and don't just be focused on the outer appearance.  The goals and plans will only work when you allow your heart to be changed first!

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