Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Advent Tree and the Poision of Perfection!

Here is a picture of the advent tree the kids and I made!  If you know me, you know I'm know Martha Stewart or Betty Croker!  Thankfully, I finally checked out what all the buzz was about with pinterest.  It's my new best friend!  Here is why:

I gave up a long time ago trying to be perfect! Perfection is a deadly poison and if not taken care of it can creep into every part of your life and keep you miserable.  Nothing will be good enough, you will always be diapointed, miss opportunity to enjoy, grow and build healthy relationships with you children, spouse, friends and even yourself.  This poison will even keep your sex life dull and boring! 

I'm not the kind of mom who knits, quilts, or sews!  I love this stuff but I have to be honest, real and know who I am and what I'm capable of doing.  When Markus was 4 years old, I had this great idea of making his Halloween costume. I love home made costumes, but they need to be the kind I can make out of a box or follow someone else's directions.  Not coming up  with the idea all by myself.  Let's just say my son, who is 10 years old, still has nightmares about his costume.  He was suppose to be Kung fu Panda. His friends had know idea who he was!  He will never let me make his costume again!  I've damaged him for life!!!

 However, I love and admire woman who are creative and gifted in areas like arts, crafts and baking.  Especially, when they can share  the simple and easy to do projects someone like me can do at home! I'm serious I need someone to spell out every step even something so little as thread the needle or turn on the oven!!!   I need women who are talented in these areas in my life because my kids love this stuff! 

Looking for EASY to do Christmas projects on pinterest, I came across some cute ideas for an Advent tree.  I didn't want to just go and buy something at the store, because it would cost me more and takes the fun away for the kids.  These crafty mom's helped me expand my mind and realize I could do this!  Except, it had to be something we ( meaning me) could create from the dollar store!

It's not the Mona Lisa or some wonderful art display!  But it's our own Advent Tree.  We bought a Christmas tree from Family dollar for $3.00, mini Christmas bulbs for $5.00 , white out to write the numbers from now until Christmas and a little box which I put different ideas to do from now until December 25th!  Things like read the Christmas story from the Bible, decorate bedroom doors with wrapping paper, make cookies, go look at Christmas lights, a live nativity seen, random acts of kindness, etc, you get the point!

This blog really isn't about the Advent Tree.  It's about being the best you that God wants YOU to be!  Not comparing yourself to others and not drinking the poisonous Perfection that many woman think they need to be.  If you get rid of this, you will enjoy this Christmas Season! 

I think I'm going to dedicate the next few blogs on killing Perfection!  There is no room for Perfection when you have four kids, home educate and trying to potty train all at the same time!!!

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