Monday, December 24, 2012

The Joy and Suffering at Christmas

The kids are at their grandparents and Mark is at work.  As I'm sitting here wrapping presents listening to Christmas music reflecting on this year.  My heart is overwhelmed with joy and at the same time a tremendous sadness.  God has blessed Mark and I in ways that will forever leave me grateful.  It literally takes my breath away.  He has also blessed us with friends that truly love us!  Who know our past and all our junk and still accept us especially me.  I have a big mouth, can be a terrible friend  yet they choose to look beyond my own struggles and  love me.

My heart is heavy too because with all the joy also comes pain.  My heart aches for the many families that will be having Christmas alone tomorrow.  For the families who are dealing with loss, sickness, financial issues and broken relationships.  My heart aches for my family and our own struggles.  For the brokenness in relationships with people we truly love. 

As I ask God for healing in all areas in my life, I pray for your family.  I pray for the families I may not even know personally.  I pray for my church and I especially pray for the people who may not know Christ or for them to know him at a much deeper level. As my heart is heavy and yet filled with joy,   God continues to remind me to continue to move forward keeping the eye on Christ and to remember that nothing is impossible for God.  God does answer prayers and they will be answered. If not in this life time you can count on it in eternity!!

To all my family and friends.  May you have a God filled Christmas.  May he pour blessing on to your family.  I pray for healing, restoration and a prosperous New Year!!! Thank you for the people who take time to read this blog.  For the family and friends who have allowed us to be part of your life, Thank You.  Whether we talk now or have crossed paths somewhere in life, you have been a huge blessing in my life whether you know it or not.   Merry Christmas!!!

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