Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Road Runner and Coyote. What True Friendship should look like!

Do you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon the Coyote and the Road Runner? They would spend all day chasing each other trying to pretty much kill one another.  Once, it was lunch time or the end of the day, you would find these two enemies walking towards the time clock to punch out.  As soon as they were off the clock, they were best of friends! 

Road Runner and the Coyote is a great picture of friendship. In order to have a healthy, unconditional love for one another, we need to put our pride down and  agree to disagree.  However, this is not always easy.  Especially, when we feel so strongly on our beliefs.  To my Christian brother and sisters we have to be careful not to let the minor issues blind us on the most important issue and that is the love of Christ.  (The one issue that is not negotiable is  knowing  we are sinners and without Christ we are nothing.  Christ is the Son of the Living God.).

No matter what our situation may be, if we claim to be followers of Christ, we have to be aware that there are just some people who cannot hear anything from you or me.( Those same people will not agree with you even if you agree with them!  They will always be looking for something.  Don't take it personal.  It's their issue not yours. Just be you and stay the course.)    This can happen with unbelievers or even within the body of Christ. We are all at different points in our lives.  Arguing, debating and trying to convince people will never work.  When we find ourselves in these situations, we cannot allow our emotions to get the best of us.  We need to be able to turn the other cheek no matter how much it hurts. Does this mean give up?  Stop standing up for what is right, good and noble?  Of course not! However, we have to be able to admit we may be right but we may be wrong at times too. The only way to know for sure if we are right or wrong  is instead of focusing on people and trying to proving yourself, we need to take whatever we are dealing, give it up and lay it at the feet of Christ and allow Him to do the work not you or me.

My hope would be that in our own country, instead of being divided, we could be like the road runner and coyote.  When I turn on the t.v, radio or on face book, it doesn't look like it to me.    What happened to the freedom of speech?  What happened to be able to have choices and free to have your own opinion?  If you don't agree with a certain political party, you are accused of being mean-spirited, prejudice, and closed minded.  Many people know where I stand on faith, politics, health and education. (You many not agree with me and that is OK!).  Some may not know, I use to be extremely liberal especially when it came to social issues.  Since then, I have had a change of heart.  However, when someone accuses me of being  prejudice or not caring for others they just don't know me or my heart.

In order to love unconditionally and have friendships like the Road Runner and Coyote  we have to rely on God for  his grace, strength and mercy.   To ask Him to continue to help show us  the areas in our lives that need to die.     We can only change ourselves, do what we believe God has called us to do allowing him to work through and in us and let Him do the rest.  Arguing, debating, trying to convince or change anyone will never work.  People have lost family and friends due to faith and politics. If this is you, first you have to ask God to reveal if there is any bitterness, pride, control, anger or jealously harboring in your heart.  If there is, then you need to ask for forgiveness.  If not,  shake off the dust off your shoes and move on.   To continue to pray for those who persecute you, love your neighbor and your enemies.

The Road Runner and Coyote is a great picture of friendship. No matter what, at the end of the day they never let something get in their way of friendship!   However, only Christ can help you be a true friend and do what is right.  He is the one we need to look and to depend on  as an example on how to love.  To forgive ourselves and to forgive people like Jesus did at the cross.  Remember,  People do what they do not know but  we still need to love and accept them anyway!   This means even if you disagree in your faith and Politics!

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