Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simple is More than Enough

My son turned 10 years old yesterday!  Sometimes he gets the short end of the stick since his birthday is 5 days before Christmas!  We only do big birthday's for milestones.  Since 10 is a big deal in a young boy or girls life, we are throwing him a party.  However, he has to wait until the end of the December! On top of pushing his party to the end of the year, what I originally had planned for  him yesterday,  didn't turn out like I wanted.    Instead of going out to eat as a family to his favorite restaurant, at the last minute decided the best choice would be to stay home and celebrate.

When I asked him, if fettuccine Alfredo would be OK for his birthday dinner.  His response was, "sure mom!"  Now, the  only reason I could even make this meal was I found an EASY and I mean EASY recipe on pinterest!  My new best friend!  The kids loved it, which doesn't happen often!  They have learned to except whatever I cook for dinner and pray it will turn out OK!  When it does the entire family is happy!  We planned on baking a cake, but changed it to a big brownie.  Again, Markus was happy with whatever we made. 

As we are sitting a the dinner table with paper plates ( I didn't feel like washing dishes), all different size and shape glasses because the kids have dropped and broke almost every cup we have!  (Yes, I know I can buy plastic, but I'm weird and don't like using them!)  Some of  us had regular cups  and others had a coffee mug!  The brownie we ate for dessert had only 6 candles, because I forgot to buy them at the store. We couldn't lite the candles because the lighter wasn't working!  We all sang happy birthday with the six unlit candles watching my son with a huge grin on his face!   We gave him no  presents because his party at the end of the month is his gift.    We finished the night with hot chocolate and birthday spankings.  Nothing Fancy just a simple dinner celebrating his special day!

After we prayed and tucked the kids in bed, Markus screams to us from his bedroom and says, "Mom and dad thank you for the best birthday ever!"  It's all on how you view things!  God used Markus to remind us that simple is more and more than enough.

Remember this Christmas, the manger and the baby may be simple but  it's MORE than ENOUGH for you and me!

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