Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking at life through the eyes of your children!

I'm not crazy about being cold!  I'm not a fan of cold weather or in the summer time a cold pool!  It can be 90 degrees outside and if the water doesn't feel like bath water, someone needs to push me in because I am a wimp!

Here we are January 1st, snow on the ground and four anxious kids and one excited husband ready to go sledding!  At first the thought off  having Mark take the kids and leaving me home alone to relax sounded like heaven!  I was trying to think of an excuse from having to bundle up and add layer upon layer of clothing before hitting the big hill or even just to step outside! It was freezing today!  Then I looked at my kids eyes especially the baby.  This would of been her first time experiencing sledding and really playing in the snow.  It didn't snow last year and now she is at the age where she will enjoy all the fun.  She was thrilled to put on her snow pants, gloves and hat! So,  I decided to get dress and not pass up the opportunity experiencing  sledding with Marie and the kids.  The kids couldn't wait to see what Marie's expressions would be like as she rolled around in the snow and fly down the hill.

As I pulled Marie around on the sled, climbed up the hill and went down the hill several times, God reminds me never get weary of looking at life through the eyes of my children.  To experience all the moments with Mark and the kids as if it is the first time.  The running noses, walking through the snow and watching Marie fall a million times, picking her up and falling again, the laughing, screaming as we all came down the hill,  watching the kids teach  Marie how to sled,  the crying at the end on how frozen their toes were and finger tips, I would of missed if  all if I decided to just stay home. 

2012 was an amazing year and I plan on 2013 being even better.  It starts with being present with the ones' you love most, looking at life through the eyes of your child and remembering these moments don't last forever.   I want to take it all it because this is what life is about! 

Happy New Year!!!

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