Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's finally Happening!

In the movie Hook, there is a scene when Peter, played by Robin William,   finally begins to allow his eyes and heart to open up and remember who he has always been.  Peter Pan!  This was not an easy task as the lost boys, Tinker Bell and even Captain Hook try to rid him of the bondage of the world and bring him back to Never, Never Land as the hero everyone once remembered. 

One of my favorite parts is when Peter is sitting at dinner and at first recongnizing  nothing but empty plates but soon after encouragement from the lost boys, he is amazed to see the feast that was sitting right before him.  Tinker Bell in all her excitement whispers, “It’s happening Peter, It’s happening!”

It’s happening my friends.  God is taking us to the place He has destined for each one of us.  He is allowing the scales to fall from our eyes and see ourselves the way our Lord has seen us since the day we were born.  By beloved, beautiful friends, for all of who are stepping out in faith, I believe the Lord in all his excitement is not whispering but shouting with joy that yes they can see  It’s finally happening!!!

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