Friday, January 18, 2013

Simba says, "Laugh at the face of Danger."

"I laugh at the face of danger" Simba says to  Zazu when he was found exploring the elephant grave yard.  However, when faced with risk, opposition, fear and yes danger, Simba did what most people do including myself and believed the lies told by his uncle scar and ran the other way.  Giving up on the very call on his life to take the place of his father and become King. 

See, we all know the movie.  His best friend goes looking for an answer to help her people and  who does she find, SIMBA.  Sometimes, we go hiding from our past, our fears and even our own deepest dreams, trying to forget because going along with the flow and living life like everyone else seems much easier than facing the truth. 

God is so faithful and so good.  He doesn't allow us to stay put or want us to live a life of mediocrity.  He has a calling on all of our lives.  He will do whatever he needs to do bring you back home.  Sometimes, he'll even send some special friends in your life to remind you who you are and what belongs to you! What else is so amazing is God is a God of second chances. Simba was given the chance to go back to the Pride Land and make things right for himself and the ones he loved.

Today, laugh at the face of danger and  take back what God has already given you!!!

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