Monday, January 14, 2013

What is one thing we can do to help our marriages?

Is your marriage in a rut?  Do you look at your husband with disgust or maybe you do love him but the moment he comes home from work or you are alone with him hell breaks loose?  It seems like all you do is fight and argue all the time?

If this is sounds like you,  just know you are not alone!  This was me for years!! I've always had this deep passion for Mark but the only thing was we just couldn't get along.  We would fight, bicker and nip pick at each other all the time and not just when we were alone by ourselves but in front of people too.

I understand Marriage or any relationship takes two people.  However, in order for anything to change, we have to allow God to change ourselves first.  We cannot change anyone and If you are not willing to do your part well then get use to living a life of default  instead of victory.  If I didn' allow God to change me, we would probably still be going around the same stupid mountain and I would be crying why does my life suck!  The reason it did was because I wasn't willing to do anything about it except complain and be a victim. 

Here is one step you can take today to begin to improve your marriage.  It will not happen overnight and the road will not be easy. You may have legitimate  reasons  why you can't stand your husband and  just want to take everything that belongs to him and throw it out the window! The reason we want to respect our husbands is becuase we want to obey God and His word  because of our love for Hm.  By being obedient to God, He can make all things new again.  There is no way you can do this on your own will power. You will need Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.   You can't do this alone because you will find yourself not only wanting to kill him with your words but maybe even find yourself sitting on top of him strangling him!  I'm just saying!!  There is so much involved and healing that needs to take place in marriages.   However, when I applied what the bible says about respecting your husband, my relationship with God and my husband began to change.  I'm so grateful that  Mark began to look at himself not always blaming me and allowed God  to change him as well! It did not happen by me nagging him.  It began as he seen the changes within me. 

God doesn't say we can't joke around with our husbands or open up with another woman about some difficulties that we may be experiencing in our  marriage or laugh together about some of the silly things our husbands do!    This is the beauty about being the body of Christ.  To help lift each other up. Please,  make sure it's with  someone who has your best interest at heart.  There are people our there and yes Christians who enjoy you living a life of misery.  It makes them feel better about themselves.  Women do not open up to another man about your problems in your marriage, unless it is with a counselor or a pastor.  If you do, it will open up doors to bigger problems and does not show Respect  and Honor  to your husband.  This holds true for men as well. 

Today, ask God to reveal in your heart how you may not have been respecting your husband by your words.  Today, lift him up instead of tearing him down and begin to see the changes that will take place in your life.  What ever you do always honor and respect your husband in front of other people and your children.  "However, let each one of you love his wife as himself,and let the wife see that she respects her husband."- Ephesians 5:33

If you find yourself in a physical or mentally  abusive  relationship, please contact someone in a local church or someone you trust. God does not call us to be in those types of relationships. 

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