Friday, January 4, 2013

The first pages of my book have been written!!!

Well,  the book has officially began!!! The hardest part was for me to actually sit down and organize my thoughts!  To figure out how many pages this book will have, how many chapters and the titles.  I'm sure someone could do a much better job than what I just did, but it's a start! Organization is not part of my vocabulary!   This was extremely hard for me.  Someone who is gifted in this area probably would look at how I organized myself and have a panic attack!!!   After getting the outline somewhat organized, I wrote my first three pages!!!  Now, I am depending on God to lead me and give me the words He wants me to write.  I know as I write this, he will bring someone in my life who will be able to edit the finish project.  He will bring someone in my life who will be able to take what I will have and make it better! I know He will bring someone who will help me create a catchy book title and cool looking book cover.  In order for any of those things to happen, I need to be prepared.  In order to be prepared, I need to do my part   He can't help me or bring these people in my life, if I keep in in my head wishing and dreaming.  It's time to make it a reality! 

I'm thrilled! Every night, I will be committed to write at least three-four pages.  Before I know it, the manuscript will be completed.  ( I don't know if this is what you call it but it sounded good to me!!!)   This is just the beginning of many more books in my future!  All I can say to encourage someone is  just do something that makes your spirit come alive and honors God!  God has so much more he wants from you but He can't do anything, if you don't get out there and try!  It doesn't matter what age you are.  If you are breathing, He still has a plan for your life!!!

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Pamela Wright said...

I might be able to help edit, if you can give me small pieces at a time. I've done lots of writing, editing, research, and proofreading in my time. So glad you are working on this. Let me know how I can support you. And check your fb messages - I might have another idea for us. :)

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