Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Can Laugh all you want to! It's ok with me!

I can't help but laugh at myself and at God.  You may not agree with me but God is funny. He is also wild too!  I  know this because I'm wild at heart!  I use to use it for bad and my own selfish pleasure but now I have learned how to use all that I have to life a life for him!  I don't know about you but I'm having a blast!  Life isn't easy but it sure is not boring anymore!   Even sex with my husband is wild and fun!!!

Anyway, everything I write about is so the opposite of who I use to be. Sure, I had a good additude most of time if you didn't tick me off!  I thought positive expect about my husband and people who would get on my nerves!  I didn't see anything wrong with not being pure even with your thoughts. ( Until God gave me children and boy did I realize I needed to change!)  I never thought I would write about purity for my children, respecting your husband, living God's dream not yours!  The list can go on and on!  I believed in God but it took time for me to know him!  I know God was looking at me and saying its going to take this one a long time!  She is stubborn, hard headed and learns slowly!!! Thankfully, he didn't give up on me. 
Its amazing how he took my heart and changed it so drastically!  If there are sceptics or critiques that read my blog its ok!  I use to be one too!  I know I have friends that think I have lost my mind. It's ok.  Years ago I use to think the same thing about people like me!  I just didn't know any better.  I you think I'm stupid for living my life the way I am or you want to call me names, I can handle it!  Because thankfully, I know who I am in Christ and nothing else matter!

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