Friday, November 11, 2011

Say to that stinken Mountain MOVE!

I refuse to go around, by, near or for that matter look at that mountain again.  It just wasn't a mountain I was stuck on it was the entire mountain range. Not only was on stuck and going around and around I think I found myself sleeping on the dang thing. So, how do you begin to not repeating or making the same mistakes over and over again?

I hear so many people saying, "I will never do that, I never want to be like my mom or dad or I'm different I will not make the same mistakes as them, and then they do exactly what they intended never to do.  Why is that?  There are a few reasons but one reason I believe is self awareness. We can teach our kids all day long, do our daily activities around the house and tip toe around our marriage  afraid to rock the boat and discuss real issues hoping our kids will be different, our marriage will bloom and the cycle from the generations before doesn't repeat.  Guess what it does. It ends up slipping in.

If we don't look at our past and understand why we made our choices we made, look at our relationship with God, our parents especially our relationship with our dad and even the friends we surrounded ourselves with it the cycle will repeat whether its consciously or unconscioulsy.  In order to break it you need God to help begin to reveal areas in your life that need healing.  I will testify it is not easy. For many people it's hard to admit anything about their childhood.  It's not saying you don't love your parents or you haven't forgiven them by looking at certain areas in your life. This is not about them its about you and living the promises God has for you.
I don't mean you have to look under a microscope and examine every area in your life. God will show you what you need to let go of and you don't have to share with the world or blog your life screw ups like I do!  I'm just a little different. The reason I do because I hope by me being transparent can set someone else free. It can be just between you and God. Once you do you set yourself free from the curse being handed down to the next generation. 
Self awareness is not easy but I've said it a million times that is why you need God.  It's so much better than being stuck on that mountain peak.  God is saying to you, "Say to this mountain Move from here to there." math 17:20.  Believe it and tell that mountain to move for the last stinken time!

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