Sunday, November 13, 2011

I want my kids heart to break for what breaks God's. How do we do that in a world that idols materialsim?

Teaching our kids about giving and serving are one of the many seeds we want to plant in our kids hearts. First, it starts at your home, the church and then the community.

What do you do when the world is teaching our kids a completely different message? It's a battle that we have to be willing to fight. The one way is showing by example.   A few years ago, a friend of mine inspired me when I found out  during the harsh winters Michigan experiences she was making lunches and taking them to the homeless all on her own. We don't have to wait for our church to organize an outreach or event to participate in. ( I love my church and outreach ministry is huge! We serve not only the surrounding communities but to the world as well) But I want my kids to know they are the church. They can do anything God places on their hearts and they can make a difference even in their own community!

 Most churches do amazing outreach but there really isn't anything for the kids to do. Yes, they can bring in can foods, help shop for clothes and toys for the people in need. You can talk about it with them and explain why it's so important but there is nothing compared to hands on experience. For them to see the hurt and suffering in the world. I don't believe they are to young for those seeds to be placed in their hearts.

We begin during Thanksgiving and hope this year we will continue this all year long. We started our lunchbox ministries!  There was nothing more that made my heart beam last night as when my kids were sitting at the table making peanut butter sandwiches for the homeless. They never complained. They were so excited and they were talking about how we could get more families to help and how we could reach out to more people, pray, give out bibles  and show them Jesus!  That is success to me!! ( Now, please know we are by no means leave it to Beaver family!  Just a few hours before Mark and I were playing football with the kids and all they did was yell, cry and complain. One wanted to be quarterback, one wanted to tackle the other one fell and cried! You get the picture!!! )

We will go out to the streets of Detroit today to hand out the lunches. I know many people think I'm wrong for taking my kids down there. I don't want them to live in fear.nor do I want them to think they are better than anyone else.  Look, anyone one of us could be on the streets. All it takes is making a few wrong choices.  I want their hearts to break for what breaks God's. Yes, mark and I use discernment and never put our kids in danger.  We want our kids to Love like Jesus and that means to be risky too!

This year think of something you and your family can do to help make a difference. Remember you are the Church!

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