Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaching my kids to be pure. Can it be done?

Well, Mark and I are getting ready to start a new season in our life. It's called the teenage years.  We still have at least two more years until those hormones start kicking in but we are getting ready NOW!

We are doing something very different to what the world is teaching young kids today about dating and sex. We are actually teaching our kids about purity and saving yourself for marriage.  Now, I'm sure there are people reading this and laughing at me thinking this will never happen.  I have news for you, we are not buying into that lie either.  I never bought into the terrible two's or horrible three's and I'm not about to buy into my daugher will be disrespectful, rebellious and boy crazy.  Could she yeah there is a chance but not if Mark and I train/teach our kids with LOVE and LIVE by the same standards and show them by example.

I will admit teaching my kids about purity is not something I have any idea about becasue let's face it. I did not live that way. Both Mark and I don't want our kids to make the same mistakes as we did.  We both hate the fact that we never saved ourselves for each other.  I've been reaching out to other families who share the same values and learning from them. I'm reading and doing what ever we can so we can be prepared to lead our kids a completly different way the world is teaching. Is it going to be easy.  HECK NO!  But I believe the only way we will be successful at this is if we have self awareness ourselves. We can't teach something if we don't truly understand why we made the choices we made.  ( let me tell you...God has revealed so much to me these past years and shed the guult, shame and broke me from many strong holds. There will be a book about it and I know God will have it on the best seller list!!!   I know there are more woman feeling the way I did  and marriages struggling. I know what God has taught me can help someone else have a major break through!!!) It goes deeper than just I don't want my kids to make the same mistakes.  If there is no self awareness, goals for your family and are not prepared to tackle some of life's challengs then the world will eat your kids alive!  The world takes no mercy.  We love our kids and our marriage to much to let anyone come and take it away.  We will fight this fight and people can laugh all they want.  How great will it be when my kids save there heart for the one God brings them and they have no regret, heart aches or shame attached to them.  There will never be the question did he or she really want me.

I'm calling on all my friends who want the same for their son's and daughters. We need to come together, support and learn from each other. It won't be easy but with God on our side it can be done!

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Erika said...

Hi Kim, I'm catching up on your latest posts. We still need to get together! :) I also SO agree with this post. We are quickly approaching the teenage years as well and I REFUSE to let them go the way of the world.

Erika Gueli

ps- I'm blogging again now too. fruitful-vines.blogspot.com

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